Golden skinned grizzlies

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By Lina Ament

Staff Intern

The snow has melted and the sun is shining. With warm weather quickly approaching, students at Oakland University are leaving their sweatshirts at the bottom of their closets and grabbing flip-flops and shades.  

On the brink of summer, minds turn to fun in the sun. To many, an essential part of summer is getting that golden-brown tan. Seasoned tanners have many reasons why they choose to hit the pool or go under the bulb.  

“I think I look healthier when I’m tan,” said junior Deanna Kossaras.

Others say that tanning not only makes them look better (by clearing up their skin) but it also makes them feel better.

Donielle Salazer says she tans to lift her mood.

“Tanning helps raise serotonin levels, which makes you happier,” Salazer said.

WebMD researchers have reported that sun exposure can reduce signs of stress and depression. It can also help boost metabolism.

Researchers also found that, regardless of the season, the turnover of serotonin in the brain was affected by the amount of sunlight on any given day.


Tanning is a common element of summer, whether you are playing an outdoor sport or relaxing by the pool. However, these days you can get a tan year round thanks to accessible and inexpensive tanning salons.

Trendy salons such as Golden Sun Tanning and The Sun Oasis — both located in Rochester Hills — are favorites of many OU Students.

 Opinions differ as to whether outdoor tanning is better than indoor tanning. Some say they

prefer indoor tanning because it is more efficient and a tan is more quickly achieved.

“Tanning indoors is all about results,” said OU junior Steve Johnson. “It only takes about 20 minutes to get color so you can still look good when you have a busy life.”

Still some enjoy tanning the old fashioned way by laying out under the sun.

“Tanning outdoors has its perks because you can go to the beach and enjoy beautiful scenery. It’s a great way to de-stress,” Kossaras said.



Soaking up the sun is a priority for many, but what about skin care? Effects of exposure to the sun, such as skin aging and cancer, have become commonly known.

Senior Dan Trudeau has a job that keeps him primarily outdoors and he always makes sure

to protect his skin.

“I don’t use tanning beds because I work outdoors and get plenty of sun that way,” said Trudeau. “I always wear sunscreen to protect my skin.”

However, there are many people who go tanning that don’t properly protect their skin their skin with a UVA/UVB protecting sunscreen.

Mike Heuninckx is a pre-medical student at OU and feels that skin protection is essential.

“I protect my skin and more people should,” Heuninickx said. “The sun damage you get as a child and a young adult will affect your skin in the future.”

Shannon Truesdale, a senior, said she thinks twice before leaving the house without sunscreen.  “I worry about both wrinkles and cancer,” Truesdale said.