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“A Trip Down Abbey Road”

Allan November 15, 2023

"It's the Bee Gees!" "In a Gadda-da-Vida!" “What –– that’s Italian!” It's "Abbey Road," I think. I'm just not sure. The Beatles managed to leave me with so many impressions that I sought an audience’s...

Student Rec Center Paves Way for OU’s Future

Student Rec Center Paves Way for OU’s Future

Jeannee Kirkaldy November 15, 2023

A funny thing happened on OU's campus. And, it happened over night. On Tuesday, Sept. 8, the Student Rec Center officially opened its doors to the community. By Wednesday, the atmosphere on campus had...

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10 Years at OU – Varner Interviewed

The Oakland Observer November 15, 2023

OBSERVER: You have been the Chancellor of Oakland for 10 years now; you have seen OU grow from a small college to a University; do you feel that the atmosphere for creative learning at Oakland has improved...

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Top stories of 2004

Elizabeth Gorecki November 15, 2023

Feb.1 Super Bowl halftime show provokes FCC regulations Janet Jackson bares her breast after a 'wardrobe malfunction' on live television during the Super Bowl halftime show. Public outrage causes...

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Focus group narrows mascot pool

Bill Petrick November 15, 2023

The search for the mascot is almost over, and it looks like the Pioneers will have to move on and settle in a new frontier: The Mascot Advisory Committee has narrowed the field down to three, and while...

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OU to separate from MSU by ‘71

Focus: Oakland November 15, 2023

At the October 16 meeting of the Oakland University Senate, Dr. William Sturner, representing the University Steering Committee, presented a recommendation that Oakland undergo its final separation from...

Oprah Winfrey draws record audience

Oprah Winfrey draws record audience

Alisa Nass November 15, 2023

The largest guest speaker turnout in Oakland's history, 1,300 people, greeted talk show host Oprah Winfrey in the Oakland Center last Wednesday. The audience consisted of students, faculty, staff, general...

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Hartman Selects Kampe as Men’s Cager Coach

Cliff Weathers November 15, 2023

Greg Kampe, formerly assistant men's basketball coach at the University of Toledo, has been selected to replace Lee Frederick as the university's men's basket-ball coach. Upon Athletic Director Paul Hartman's...

General Hospital, It’s soap opera fever for these students

General Hospital, It’s soap opera fever for these students

Geri McGregor November 15, 2023

If you were to look in the lounge area of the Oakland Center during the day, you would probably find a number of OU students watching television — maybe to see their favorite show, or just to relax....

Regis Philbin (pictured here) hosted Who Wants to be a Millionaire? circa 2000.

Looking Back: OU student goes on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’

Bridget Janis, Managing Editor October 6, 2021

College is a time to meet new people, learn new things and go broke in the process. Every college student wishes they could skip the whole thing and become a millionaire. On Aug. 27, 2000, Greg Hummel,...

Looking Back: Oakland Universitys glow up

Looking Back: Oakland University’s glow up

Bridget Janis, Managing Editor September 22, 2021

To be independent is something everyone strives for in life. It’s what an after break up glow up is all about. When Oakland University decided to break up with Michigan state and started undergoing the...

The World Trade Center towers burn after being hit by two planes on September 11, 2001.

Looking Back: Post covers 9/11, paper tigers no more

Tanner Trafelet, Contributor September 15, 2021

On May 28, 1998, Osama Bin Laden conducted an interview with the ABC’s John Miller and his interpreter. In this interview Bin Laden asserted that the United States (U.S.) was a “paper tiger” due...

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