Makimoto serves up sushi


Contributing Reporter

Travel down University Drive, turn into Auburn Crossing and you will find Rochester’s newest sushi bar.

Makimoto is a family owned and operated restaurant tucked into the corner of the plaza next to hot spots like Sun Oasis Tanning Center and Subway.

Step into the Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen and you will be greeted by a friendly face eager to seat you or send you out the door with your takeout order.

Andy Chu, the manager of the restaurant since its opening just last December, said they struggled at first because of their location, and the number of competitors in the area. But now, the restaurant is gaining popularity and becoming much busier.

Chu said that he even has some regular OU students who come in and dine on the delectable assortment of sushi rolls and other Asian foods.

“We work like a family here,” said Chu, who added that some of the chefs are related to him while others came from other sushi bars.

Sushi here is a treat, from the Makimoto, filled with spicy tuna, crispy shrimp tempura and barbecued eel, to the Sunday Morning, a deep-fried tempura roll with salmon and cream cheese.

There are also a number of vegetarian rolls like the AAC, Tofu Tempura, the Veggie roll and the California roll.

Makimoto also offers a variety of entrees with noodles, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, shrimp, salmon, tuna or yellowtail.

The sushi bar has a number of reasonably priced lunch specials which are available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and prices range from $7.50 to $12.50.

And don’t forget about dessert.

“You’ve got to try the fried green tea ice cream,” said OU psychology major Danielle Deveson, a sushi lover who frequents many sushi bars around town.

Although Makimoto may be pricier than the campus cafeteria, the short drive and slight splurge are a small price to pay for a special dining experience.