Attention, allergy victims!


Photo Editor

It’s that time of year again, when the trees are pollinating, flowers are blooming and the grass is growing. It is “Spring Fever” for most of us who look forward to this season after a long, cold winter. But for some of us it means allergy season, we need to stock up on the variety of allergy medicines, tissues, and be prepared to suffer through the season.

Allergy season begins when the moisture in the air increases and allergens become active after the winter season ends. Not only does allergy season start in February, when the trees start pollinating, and last until June, but you also have the grass allergens forming from May to August. Then to top it all off, ragweed from August to October. I feel lucky that I am not affected by the allergy seasons. Actually, I feel blessed.

But I do have a few tips for you allergy victims:

1. Find a medicine that works for you. Look at the symptoms listed on the box and make sure that you have them. Taking medicine for symptoms you do not have is not a good idea.

2. Keep the windows in your home and car closed to prevent the pollen and allergens in the air from finding a way in, infecting your space making with things that inflame your allergies.

3. Most importantly, look into buying an air purifier for your bedroom,. Make sure that it is an HEPA air purifier. They take a lot of the pollen, allergens, smoke and unnecessary bacteria out of the air so you, the victim, do not suffer. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters remove 99% of all small particles in the air. If you have asthma, allergies, or respiratory problems, a unit equipped with a HEPA filter might help you to breathe easier.)

4. It is recommended that you take a shower before bed to rinse the allergens off of your body and avoid bringing them into your bed.

5. Pay attention to local pollen counts; they are affected by the weather. Help information can be found here.