Healthy choices for summer


Guest blogger

Now that summer is here and classes are over we tend to have more time to spend with family and friends. That time is spent doing fun activities such as going to baseball games, seeing one of many new movie releases or heading to the park for a barbecue. What all of these activities have in common is the unhealthy potential of eating and drinking high calorie, fatty foods. What are some tips to stay in shape this summer while still having a good time? suggests that if you want a beer, try to stick to a light kind because that can save you up to 50 calories a pint. She also advises sports fans to roam the entire stadium to find the best concession options. “Soft pretzels are better than nachos, veggie dogs are better than regular ones, and a grilled chicken salad with salsa is one of the best finds ever,”  according to the web site.  Walking around is an exercise bonus instead of relying on the vendor to bring you that unhealthy cotton candy.

When going to the movies, try to avoid adding butter and salt to your popcorn. We tend to just keep pouring without consciously realizing what we are doing to our bodies, adding a lot of unwanted fat. If you can, try to order a kid’s size popcorn or drink. Sorry to those who work at the theaters, but my next tip is to bring a granola bar or snack pack for your purse. Since these snacks come from home you know how many calories they have.

When heading to the park or a family barbecue, think of putting lots of colors on your plate. Throw some vegetables in foil and put them on the grill or try fruit kebobs. Also, be sure to pack your cooler with lots of water and low fat snacks so that you can avoid junk. recommends loading up on “light string cheese, sandwiches (toasted light bread equals non-soggy stuff,) salads (dressing packets on the side) and cut-up veggies.”

Use these tips to make smart and healthy decisions this summer!