Staying fit in spring


Staff Intern

With a busy college schedule it’s easy to grab a burger and fries after a long night of studying. But, your health is something to keep in mind during these hectic times.

As a college student there are several behaviors you can adopt, to help you stay on the ball and stay healthy. Starting an exercise routine and eating a salad every day for lunch might be out of the question for some people, but taking smaller steps such as getting enough sleep and drinking more water will help.

According to College Student Health Tips: Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Relief for Freshman Year and Beyond, by Naomi Rockler-Gladen, getting enough sleep and sleeping on a regular schedule is important for a college student. Not many people can get through the day sucessfully on a few hours of sleep. Make enough time to get some rest and follow a regular sleeping pattern.

Eating breakfast as well as eating sensibly is always an important rule to follow to stay healthy. Late night eating, junk food, and skipping breakfast all contribute to weight gain. Not only will lack of sleep make it difficult to concentrate in class but so will not eating breakfast.

With all your time spent sitting and studying, don’t forget to get some exercise. Take advantage of walking on campus, get a bicycle or even spend some time at the Rec Center.

Staying healthy while in college includes covering all aspects of your life. There are counseling services on campus that can help with a range of issues from homesickness and stress to depression and eating disorders. And, as always, practice safe sex.

One way I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to take it one day at a time. I like to make sure that each day involves an adequate amount of sleep, three meals, and some physical activity. Of course this isn’t always possible. My schedule varies from day to day so if I can’t work something in one day then I try to work it in the next.

By working a few simple things into your day, you will feel better physically and emotionally.