Work out for less


Staff Intern

So, you want to get off the couch and get a little exercise, but you’re wondering how you’re going to afford a membership to the gym?

For students at Oakland University, the Rec Center fee is included with tuition, so there’s no extra fee to worry about. My favorite low-cost way to workout is at home with a DVD. I can choose when I want to exercise, and I don’t have to worry about my appearance because I’m at home. If I need workout equipment such as dumbbells or a mat, I can find what I need at a discount store. I don’t spend any money on sports drinks, since I like to stay hydrated with water.

“Fitness for less: 4 low-cost ways to shape up,” recommends taking advantage of everyday opportunities, considering modest investments, improvising and being a savvy shopper. Walking through a local park or mall and making a workout out of household chores are two free ways to get some exercise. Or you can opt to purchase some cheap workout equipment such as dumbbells, resistance tubing or jump ropes.

If equipment from the store breaks the bank, try improvising with canned goods, milk jugs and step stools. Be a smart shopper by buying used equipment or, share workout equipment with a friend, that way you’ll keep from becoming bored. With warmer weather approaching, take advantage of the outdoors and go for a walk or a jog. The fresh air is a good break from work or studying.

So, if your excuse to be a couch potato is that starting an exercise routine is too expensive, there are a few things that just might ruin your excuse.