Stay motivated to work out in cold weather


Staff Intern

Battling the winter blahs isn’t always easy, and becoming a couch potato is always a risk when the winter wind makes you want to cuddle up indoors.

Venturing outside for a walk or a run during the winter months to stay in shape isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For some people, sitting inside away from the elements is much more inviting.

Even if braving the cold isn’t for you, there are ways to stay active indoors during the winter months. There are different ways to exercise that are right under your nose.

According to Indoor Winter Workouts by Melissa Tennen, walking in the mall, office, and going up and down the stairs a few times can all count towards being fit.

If you want to invest some money into your workout routine, think about some exercise equipment for your home or try joining an aerobics or yoga class. Swimming indoors at a local pool can provide plenty of exercise.

Becoming a “mall walker” didn’t sound appealing to me, especially at 6 a.m.

What I found that keeps me moving is as simple as a DVD and a little space to workout. I enjoy the comfort of my own home while I exercise. I don’t have to worry about being there on time or if it is open or not. After my workout, no one will see me panting and sweating, and I can shower in my own shower.

But, how do you stay motivated when dreary days get you down? Top 10 Tips to Staying Motivated to Exercise by Chris J. Dunn, MS, RCEP, recommends varying your routine, finding a workout buddy, or setting a goal.

I stay motivated by treating myself to something new that will help with working out. Some new activewear or a water bottle every few weeks is a good reason to stick with it.

If you decide to take your workout outdoors in the winter, make sure you dress appropriately. Exercise and Cold Weather: Stay Motivated, Fit and Safe has tips to follow, such as layering, wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of fluids.