Don’t mistake the flu for the common cold


Photo Editor

Spring is approaching and with it, viruses are floating around schools and the workplace. What one might think is the common cold could, in fact, be the flu. And if you’ve had the flu, you know what I mean: the fever, aches and pains, it is just all around dreadful. What makes being sick even more unbearable is the first few sunny days we get here in Michigan are spent stuck inside with a fever of 103 degrees.

For some of us, the duration is 2-3 days or up to a week out cold with the flu, which can put a damper on your paycheck and the end of the semester cram sessions. It puts your timing way off and can cause stress in your life. So here are a few things to help you recognize the cold hard facts about the difference between the common cold and the flu:The common cold can easily be mistaken for the flu, but I am here to tell you a few tips on getting better fast and knowing which one it is:

First, if you have a fever for a period of 2-3 days, Go to your doctor or a clinic. This is where they decipher what it is you have. If any of you have had a flu test, you know what I mean. And those of you that have not BEWARE. This is when the doctor takes a long, brown q-tip like instrument and shoves it up your nose to get a sample to test for the influenza virus. This test is called the influenza rapid diagnostic test.

Secondly, the difference between the common cold and flu is the symptoms. The flu symptoms include; fever, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, pain, weakness, exhaustion and headaches. The common cold symptoms include; slight aches and pains, stuffy nose, congestion and sore throat. So, pay attention to your symptoms and take appropriate action, before it gets worse. The flu can become a bigger problem if not treated.

Finally, do not rely on the Internet for a diagnosis . Yes, it is helpful to use it as a reference, but if you are really not feeling good, go to the doctor or clinic as they are there to get you better.

Go to Web MD for helpful information to get you back on your feet.