The perfect man-date

With “bromances” currently all the rage, the upcoming film “I Love You, Man” depicts an example of the special relationship that only two dudes can have with one another.

In “I Love You, Man” Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) begins to plan his wedding only to realize an important factor is missing: a best man.

He goes on several “man-dates” before meeting Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) who is slightly obnoxious and very opinionated. The two bond instantly, so much so that Peter’s relationship with his fiancée, Zooey (Rashida Jones) begins to suffer.

While the actors have worked together before, one could say a bromance of sorts was achieved between the two lead actors on the set of “I Love You, Man.”

The Oakland Post was included in a Feb. 6 conference call with Rudd and Segel.

“My favorite part of shooting the movie was working with Paul Rudd again. I must say it’s our third movie together and it took us a while, but we really finally get along,” Segel said.

The movie depicts a strong bond between two men in the most non-physical way possible.

“I think it’s a long time coming that you’ve seen a good male platonic comedy. And that’s what we’re going for and we got as close to the homo-erotic line as possible without crossing it, which I think we both found comedically satisfying,” Segel said.

Rudd talked about the new genre of comedy that his new movie falls in.

“It just seems to be the word of the moment, bro-mantic, because there have really been films throughout the decade that have fallen into that category,” Rudd said.

Rudd had an alternative way of describing the genre of the movie and ones similar to it.

“A dick flick. I like that even more than bromantic. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that before,” Rudd said.

Segel said he remembered a specific part of the filming process that he cherished the most.

“I think my favorite part was when Paul Rudd and I had our first man-date. They took us to the best fish taco restaurant and the director told us ‘Look, the goal is just to look like you guys are slowly starting to like each other, don’t really worry about a script,'” Segel said.

“Then they gave us four hours of fish tacos and beer and we had to talk and be funny and enjoy each other’s company — it was very easy and very fun.”

As Rudd’s character goes on many man-dates in the film, he discussed his ideal date with a man.

“A perfect man-date would be an early dinner. If it’s late, then you’re eating into valuable time. So I think an early dinner — something maybe like some Brazilian food. I’d like to finish dinner, I’d like to have a pitcher of sangria. Then I would like to go back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where I have rented a suite and slip into a bathtub of linseed oil,” Rudd said.

“Then I would like a massage — an ice cream massage. Then finally settle down with a little SpectroVision and then maybe catch ‘Defiance,’ the film with Daniel Craig. That, by the way, I actually just call Tuesday.”

The duo has been in several movies together, and had many things to say about one another. Segel also talked about a character he’d like to portray one day.

“Well, Paul Rudd is a very, very diverse actor. He has gone from Broadway to the Weston in London to drama to comedy to somewhere in between. I mean you look at an actor like Paul Rudd and you think diversity and talent,” Segel said. “I’d like to play a villain some day. That would be my wish list.”

Rudd spoke well of Segel also, and discussed a specific genre Rudd really likes to work in.

“I think you’d be a great villain, because I think that your style is very, very specific. I think that you could be terrifying. You also are physically imposing,” Rudd said.

“I’m short and squatty. I look like a thumb. I like any genre in which I can play a thumb.”

“I Love You, Man” hits theaters Friday, March 20.