Mall cop to the rescue


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Some aspire to have the corner office with a view. Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) just wants to be the hero at the Forest Ridge Mall where he works as head of security. And, he wants to win over cosmetic counter girl Brandi (Anna Faris), who he thinks is the most gorgeous woman in the whole world.

Writer and director Jody Hill said he got the idea for “Observe and Report” somewhat from personal experiences.

“My dad used to own coffee stores in malls and he was always parked in loading zones to make deliveries. He just had a car, so they were always giving him warning tickets. I saw him get in many fights with security guards and kind of started with that theme first,” Hill said.

“I was interested in doing something about kind of driving a character insane, to the edge of insanity. I kind of hate malls so I thought it would be a good place to do it,” Hill said.

Rogen said the hardest scene to shoot was a brawl between police officers.

“I crack around 14 people in the head in one shot. It looks really messy, but there is actually extremely specific choreography. As you can see, I was extremely out of shape in the movie. That was a real m***** f***** to shoot, I’ll tell you that,” Rogen said.

Faris said the character of Brandi was different from most characters she had portrayed.

“She’s obnoxious like my character in ‘Just Friends,’ but I think that she is different because my character in ‘Just Friends’ was so outlandish,” Faris said.

“I think Brandi is a little more grounded, even though she’s definitely the worst character I’ve played. I loved every second of it,” Faris said.

Rogen said he didn’t go to any great lengths to prepare for the role of Barnhardt.

“It was pretty much all out of script. I’m not really the type of actor that does research or anything,” Rogen said.

“I did actually talk to one security guard for like five minutes a couple days before filming and I didn’t really gather all that much from it. It was all kind of created by Jody and me,” Rogen said.

Hill said he considered himself very lucky to work with Rogen and Faris.

“I wrote this with Seth in mind and he was [one of] the first to sign on. Anna Faris is just the funniest girl out there. When you have two talented people like that, it’s like an insurance policy. I just feel really lucky that I get to work with such talented people,” Hill said.

Faris said she was happy to work with Rogen and Hill, and she also mentioned how she was happy to just have the job.

“It’s so funny when you hear actors talk about being a part of a project. A lot of actors are like ‘Well I read the script and something about it just touched my heart’ when really it’s like, ‘They were going to give me a paycheck, I got a job actually?'” Faris said.

Faris said her role in this film was different in terms of her attitude.

“I kind of had to be aggressive with this movie. They were sort of unsure if I wanted to be the girl vomiting on herself and doing all the horrible things I do in the movie, but it’s so fun to be so bad and awful and it was a really fun change,” Faris said.

“Observe and Report” is rated R for pervasive language, graphic nudity, drug use, sexual content and violence. However, director Hill said he was happy it wasn’t rated NC-17.

“I kept my fingers crossed the whole time. We weren’t sure if it was going to get a NC-17 rating or not. Luckily we got an R. Yeah, that’s lucky,” Hill said.

Rogen’s character in the movie attempts to hunt down a streaker who assaults women in the parking lot of the mall he works at. This wasn’t his first time dealing with nakedness in films.

“It’s just funny. I feel like you’ve got to push it a bit, you’ve got to shock people, surprise people. Not proud of it but we’re doing it,” Rogen said.

Both Faris and Rogen have made names for themselves in the comedic movie genre. Faris said she enjoyed all the comedy roles she had been given, but had one in mind that she’d possibly like to do one day.

“I always hoped there was a heroin addict prostitute that I could be. I’m not sure if there is. At first I was really frustrated when I started doing comedies that I couldn’t break into drama and that I was just the spoof movie girl,” Faris said.

“In the last few years I’m just like why would I do drama? I love doing comedy so much. About 30 seconds ago, I was thinking about doing some kind of Lorena Bobbitt musical.”

Rogen said he chooses movies he would like to make based on a fan’s point of view.

“All we ever wanted was just make movies that we would actually go see as movie fans. If I was to look at this movie I would think ‘This is the exact type of movie I would want to go see.’ I’m constantly grateful that we’re able to do that,” Rogen said.

“Observe and Report” hits theaters Friday, April 10.

The Oakland Post was included in a college conference call with Faris, Rogen and Hill on Tuesday, April 7.