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Senior Reporter

“Resident Evil 5”

4/5 stars

Video Game Review

“Resident Evil 5” continues the series in the spirit established in RE4, but with the added constant cooperative game play. You have the option to play the entire game with a friend or a computer-controlled partner.

The “scary” aspect of Resident Evil is basically gone from the series at this point, except for fighting zombies. Mobs of infected people come at you in broad daylight, with little suspense. The only frightening part comes from the terror you feel when you, for example, try to pass off a box of machine gun bullets to your partner in real time, while a 7-foot tall man wearing a burlap sack on his head barrels down on you with a chainsaw. If either player gets killed, the game is over.

Although some parts of the game can become frustrating, RE5 is still a blast for two players to tackle cooperatively.


Web Editor


3/5 stars

Movie Review

From the My Chemical Romance version of “Desolation Row” to the fact that Zack Snyder (of “300” infamy) was signed on to direct, something just didn’t seem right about the much-hyped “Watchmen” movie.

The film struggles from beginning to end. Fans of Alan Moore’s graphic novel will pine for greater depth of main characters like Rorschach and Ozymandias while casual moviegoers will struggle to catch up with the intricate plot. Despite Snyder’s supposed dedication to retaining the integrity of the novel, a key scene is edited for casual action-flick fans, thus digging a ditch too deep for the incredible cinematography to dig the film out of.

“Watchmen” had great potential to explore the political divisions that keep us apart today, but seems content to be an image of a distant past, an image as muddled as Snyder’s intentions. This is truly as great a disappointment as any other in the history of American cinema.


Senior Reporter

“Role Models”

4/5 stars

DVD Review

Sean William Scott and a very cynical Paul Rudd star in this aptly named “Role Models.” Another “Frat-Pack” and “bro-mance” vehicle scores high once again with Rudd’s smarmy and smartass quips, along with Scott’s frat boy persona.

The two are sales reps for Minotaur Energy Drink, pitching it to high school students, disguising their pitch as an anti-drug tour. Of course the odd couple scenario plays out here, when they are appointed “Big Brother” to foul-mouthed Ronnie and medieval obsessed Augie.

Each character has their own personal drama that connects to the viewers, and the comedy throughout the movie makes it a good buy. You won’t watch it over and over, but when you’re in the mood for a strictly entertaining comedy, these “Frat-Pack” movies are definitely “role models” for a fun movie.