Communications major slaps ‘da bass


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Myspace proclaimed garage/jungle band The Decks were picked by Oakland University students as one of the three best local bands. Bassist Hank Wolfe has been jamming with the band for close to four years now. He is currently finishing his senior year at OU with a major in communications. Apart from his band and his studies, he is an RA on 5 East Vandenberg.

Wolfe spoke with The Oakland Post about his band’s history, present status and future goals.

The Post: How and when did the band form?

Wolfe: Around 2005, but it was very different back then. Alex Glendening and Maria Nuccilli were the founding members of the group. They’ve been playing together since they were 15.

The Post: How did you end up in the group?

Wolfe: At that time, they had a couple people sit in on bass but none of them cut it. I had just moved here from Oklahoma and they asked me to sit in for a couple jams.

The Post: What were The Decks in the beginning compared to now?

Wolfe: Well in the beginning, we just wanted to write songs. We didn’t really start getting gigs until the end of [2005].

The Post: Why do you play bass?

Wolfe: I grew up in Oklahoma and all the kids played guitar. No one played bass. I just stopped by the local music store, picked one up and ever since then I’ve loved playing it. It’s the instrument I know best.

The Post: When is the next record coming out and what is the title?

Wolfe: The record is called “Breath and Bone” and debuts on May 26. It will be on iTunes when it is released. The artwork and the album are done. There will probably be a release party but I don’t have all the information on that yet.

The Post: Any singles from the album?

Wolfe: There are two singles that have been released previously from the album. One is “Skeleton” which is available to download at this time. The other single is “What She Said” which has had solid airtime with certain radio stations.

The Post: What would you say is your favorite part about being a part of The Decks?

Wolfe: I get a really big rush from just playing live. I don’t know how the rest of my band is but I just love to play in front of people.

The Post: What is the worst thing?

Wolfe: I don’t like what I have to do behind the scenes in terms of releasing an album, press packages, any business stuff really. I wish that I did have more input on the albums but Alex and Marie really handle that stuff.

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