Recession Rental

By Annie Stodola

Movies entertain in a variety of settings, whether they are absorbing the viewer amongst an air-conditioned crowd of bright faces, in the outdoor air of a drive-in or in the comfortable proximity between your television and sofa.

This may very well be the year of the living room theatre, due to dwindling entertainment funds.

Luckily, video rental stores provide an interesting selection of forgotten treasures for your perusing pleasure.

Remembering our budgets and our inner film geeks, The Oakland Post’s new review section “Recession rental” seeks to expose our favorite indie and cult flicks.

As the third film in the Evil Dead trilogy, “Army of Darkness” brings campiness to a whole new level. 

 In the movie, Bruce Campbell (a Royal Oak native known for his role as Sam on TV’s “Burn Notice”) plays Ash, a housewares employee at the fictional S-Mart, who is transported in time to the Middle Ages.

While there, he is quickly put in charge, as he is obviously the only one in that era with a chainsaw and a gun, or as he explains it, his “boomstick.”

Then he accidentally awakens an army of the dead. The movie only gets less and less realistic as it progresses.

 Every aspect of the film is made without regard for the traditional or the tasteful, yet it manages to be absolutely enjoyable.

From the claymation “deadites” to the ridiculous contraptions Ash develops to fight them, the audience can’t help but root for him to save the day and get the girl, even if he uses more than a few cheesy one-liners along the way.

 Although the film does take some excessively odd turns — see the bizarre mirror scene — overall it is the classic action/horror movie. Ash makes his journey from lowly store employee to medieval hero, and his journey, no matter how strange, is certainly worth watching.