The Fall of Troy visits Detroit

Post-hardcore band The Fall of Troy from Mukilteo, Washington is made up of singer and guitarist Thomas Erak, drummer Andrew Forsman and bassist Frank Ene.

The Fall of Troy will be hitting the stage at St. Andrews Hall on Sept. 24 with Thursday, Young Widows and La Dispute.

The bands forth full-length album, “In the Unlikely Event,” will hit stores Oct. 6. Pre-order packages are available at

The Oakland Post got a chance to talk with one-third of The Fall of Troy via a phone interview on Friday, Sept. 11.

The Oakland Post: What are your favorite tunes to play live?

Andrew Forsman: One of my favorites is definitely a really old song we have called “What Sound does a Mastodon Make?” We just got it back together with our new bass player. He didn’t know it before this tour so I’m very excited to play that live. I really like playing another song that we have called “Mouths like Sidewinder Missiles” just ’cause it’s another super old song that’s just really fun to play. But as far as new songs, I’d probably say my favorite to play—live off the new album— is either “Battleship Graveyard” or “Pillow Talk” because they’re pretty technical songs as far as drums go. It’s a challenge and it’s fun.

The Post: What are some crazy things fans have done either for you or at your shows?

Forsman: I mean, anything from kids getting on the stage and then getting carried off. I always love when the bouncer carries them off when they’re still head banging, that’s always fun. The nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for us was these girls—they were definitely young, they were like 14 or 15, maybe 16, but I don’t think so ’cause their mom drove them to the show. They brought us a stocking full of everything that we ever said that we liked in interviews. They brought us these dinosaurs that were made out of paper mache and Sour Patch Kids and comic books and stuff like that. When fans get tattoos that’s always interesting ’cause I don’t know if I would get a tattoo of a band.  

The Post: The Fall of Troy has been on many tours, but who would play with you on your dream tour?

Forsman: Definitely The Deftones, just ’cause they’re one of my favorite bands. And they’re really fun to hang out with. I’d like to tour with Daughters again, `cause we’ve only done Europe with them and they were hilarious and an amazing band and really made us try to step our game up every night ’cause they were so awesome. Then, since I don’t like tours with more than four bands I’ll round it out with The Beatles. They would headline.

The Post: You have released several YouTube videos within the last year, any plans to continue with that or possibly go further and create some sort of documentary?

Forsman: We always film whenever we’re doing anything band related. There is a deluxe edition of our new CD coming out that should have a bunch of videos. On this tour we’ll be doing tour blogs as well, like we have in the past. I would like to do a documentary filmed with really nice cameras ’cause the camera we film with is one of those Flip cameras and it’s not the best quality. It’s really good for if you have to start filming in two seconds ’cause something amazingly funny is happening. I would love to do a real documentary where we don’t film, where people just film us. But there’s no super big plans for that right now.  

The Post: The last full-length album, “Manipulator,” had a lot to do with drugs and seeing what happened to people you knew who were involved with them. What kinds of things does “In the Unlikely Event” deal with?

Forsman: I guess I’d just say the new CD has a little bit more to do with friendships than romantic relationships. There definitely are songs about romantic relationships but I would say it’s more of a record about interactions with everyone as opposed to one single person or one girl.

The Post: What do you guys do to keep busy while on tour?

Forsman: Talk about poop a lot. No, read books or sometimes we’ll plug a computer into the stereo in the van and watch a movie together or something. For the most part people are either sleeping or on their phones or computers in the van. Then at shows everyone’s just hanging out with the other bands. We just kind of play it by ear each day. I mean nothing’s ever like super planned out. We might plan on a barbecue every now and then but that’s about it.

The Post: What are your thoughts on illegal downloading?

Forsman: Always going to happen. The only thing that it’s going to do is if you suck no one’s going to care or support you. If you’re good, people will. It kind of makes the good stuff rise to the top. I don’t have a problem with it if you do like a band that you download their record for free. You should try to support them by going to a show or buying a shirt online but you don’t have to. Even if you just tell other people about them that’s still a great trade-off for what we lose in that process. I guess most people think we lose. All it does is get the word about your band out. If you suck you die.

The Post: Where do you hope to be in five years?

Forsman: Still putting out albums. And still playing shows to people that want to be there. I mean hopefully just on the same path that we are now. It’s just always been a gradual climb upwards in awesomeness for me personally. I have more fun every year doing this so in five years I’ll have five times as much fun as I have now if I’m still doing it.

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