English band joins ranks of Coldplay

For fans of: Kings of Leon, The Killers, Coldplay, Band of Horses

Key tracks: “Superhuman Touch” and “The Getaway”

The London-based alternative rock band Athlete has received rave reviews and awards in the U.K.and other countries, but its popularity hasn’t reached our shores yet. Their fourth release, “Black Swan,” might be the album to make that big splash here.

Black Swan features music that is able to satisfy everyone — from the music enthusiast to the casual listener. The opening song “Superhuman Touch,” has a hint of the electronic-pop feel of The Killers album “Sam’s Town,” along with a vocal style that can be compared to a combination of The Bravery and Death Cab for Cutie. 

Where Black Swan really shines is in the variety of music present. Right when you think you have the album figured out, ballads like “The Getaway” and “Love Come Rescue” bring the flow of music to a whole new personal and emotional level. From these ballads, Black Swan brings the energy back up with “Light the Way” and “The Unknown,” which could be the favorites tracks for fans of Coldplay.

Black Swan really strikes a chord with me because the album’s songs manage to flow from start to finish, satisfying the long-time fans, as well as attracting new ones. Unfortunately, this album may be hard to come by until its February 2010 release in the US, but if you are able to find it somewhere on the Internet, I promise it is well worth the time and effort.