WXOU DJ profile: real deal on sports

Kyle Bauer and Neal Ruhl want to buy the Pontiac Silverdome. To them, this massive business venture is merely a hobby; a side project to their first love: hosting WXOU’s “Real Deal on Sports.”

The live show, which airs Thursdays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., had its official start in April 2008.

The two hosts had been working together since 2007, appearing on each other’s sport shows and working on various projects, until they decided to combine forces and co-host “Real Deal on Sports.”

As for the Silverdome, well, the guys’ pooled funds of $17 may not place them in the category of highest bidder.

“It’s really a grassroots campaign. We are currently taking donations, meaning you’re obligated to pay us,” Bauer said. It is this kind of banter that sets the tone for “Real Deal.” The show is serious sports talk, but that doesn’t mean life or death for the hosts. The show is quick-witted, irreverent and smart, and there is a solid chemistry between Bauer and Ruhl.

On an average day, they talk about local and national sports, with both of them weighing in with their opinions. On their website, realdealonsports.com listeners can check out past shows with titles like, “You seriously don’t understand how bad the Lions are Pt. 1” and “The Tubby Temptress vs. Real Deal on Sports vs. ESPN.”

Interspersed with all the sports talk, there is something for everyone. Even the innocent bystander will enjoy their special talks called “Real Deal on Society.” Bauer and Ruhl question everyday life and playfully tear people apart for putting ketchup on eggs and owning an iPhone.

The best thing about the two hour show is that Bauer and Ruhl seem to thoroughly enjoy their time on air together. It is evident from their demeanor that they like working together.

“My favorite part of working with Kyle is his unpredictability and his predictability. You deal with it because you expect it,” Ruhl said. Bauer responded, “Working with someone of Neal’s talent has helped me immensely. It will eventually help in my career.”

Despite the show’s obvious talent, the “Real Deal” wouldn’t be possible without the behind the scenes work of its producer, Mike Parsons.

“It is incredible the impact he’s had on the show,” said Bauer.

Bauer and Ruhl are making plans to produce a weekly podcast. Each are also working on their other shows on WXOU. Ruhl hosts the Men’s basketball play-by-play. Bauer hosts “About Music” Wednesdays from 8-10 p.m and “Turning Down the Bro” Fridays from midnight-2 a.m.