Spotlight on Student Orgs

Name: SLAG

President: Kevin Friesmuth

Behind the name: SLAG (Student, Leaders, Athletes, Gentlemen) are the four pillars of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Purpose: To recruit undergraduate male students to form the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at OU.

Goal: To develop men of integrity, honor, and intelligence and advance members in the “four pillars”: education, put them in leadership positions, strive to be the best athletically and to be a gentlemen: socially equipped in all areas, respectable people in social situations.

Group Dynamic: Brothers will learn to rely on fellow brothers and push each other to do well. in that, they will hope to affect the communities around them (school, family, city, campus)

History: Started with the prerequisite four people to start an organization this school year. There are currently 22 members that create a “diverse blend of social groups, lifestyles, religions and ethnicities.

Future: SLAG plans on forming a Relay For Life team and will soon be colonized as a fraternity by early February.

How to get involved: SLAG does not yet have regular meetings, but those interested can e-mail Friesmuth at [email protected].