Student publishes novel

By Annie Stodola

When Evan Heuker completed a sixth grade writing assignment, he had no idea it would one day turn into a novel.

Heuker, a sophomore theatre acting major, had his first novel, “Warriors’ Legacy: The Uncovering,” published in November 2009.

“It started as a sixth grade assignment to get a grasp on the idea of sci-fi,” Heuker said. “In eighth grade, a similar assignment came about and I brought back my first piece. I had fun and continued to write.”

He has worked on the novel on and off since then.

“Warriors’ Legacy: The Uncovering” follows a character named Ezmer as he attempts to stop a nearly millenium-long war in their universe. He classifies the book as a fantasy or science fiction novel.

Heuker said the book is the first in the Warriors’ Legacy trilogy. He is currently working on the next book.

“The second book is, well, more complicated than the first one was, so it might be awhile,” Heukers said. “It’s something that I’ve started, so now I have to finish  it so I make myself sit down and do it.”

He tries to devote himself to at least three or four three-hour long writing sessions each week.

“It varies if an idea strikes me,” Heuker said. “There are days I could write two pages easily and others I can’t even write half a page.”

One way Heuker gets ideas is through rereading his first book.

“I’ve been reading it over and over, but it’s still fun to read and a good way to keep the ideas fresh,” Heuker said. “Ideas come as I think of what new aspect I could throw into the mix.”

He said he rewrote “The Uncovering” from the beginning on three separate occasions but now has a much better idea of where he’d like to take the series.

Heuker currently has two ideas for future books.

In addition to his writing pursuits, he works two jobs, is taking 14 credits this semester and is the props runner for the school’s production of “Little Women.” He is also considering a writing minor.

Information about the book is available in the Facebook group “Warrior’s Legacy Trilogy.” The book is available for purchase at

“There’s more to expect and two more books to look forward to,” Heuker said.