Music Spotlight: Free albums for download

By Alexis Tomrell

Enemy of the State: A Love Story – Lupe Fiasco

You may have already heard of Lupe Fiasco, considering Chicago-based MC Lupe Fiasco has worked with popular hip-hop artists like T.I., Young Jeezy, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Studio releases aside, Lupe raises the bar with his free mixtape titled “Enemy of the State: A Love Story.”

The tape opens up with the track, “National Anthem” featuring the music of Radiohead. Lupe delivers rhymes like “School of Hard Knocks, I dean it. I donate to the campus and my name’s on the arenas,” which really puts him ahead of the class. 

 Lupe also takes on heavy challenges with ease, doing his own version of “Fireman,” by Lil Wayne. This one has a continuous freestyle without hooks, which just makes it sound better. After 11 tracks, Enemy of the State leaves you begging for more. “Don’t need financial aid. Cause this is just some free shit.”

LOVE – Angels and Airwaves 

 Intended for a Christmas release, it was pushed back to a more fitting Valentine’s Day date. Due to “corporate underwriting” the album was given out free of charge by joining their mailing list. Unlike their previous releases’ anti-war undertone, LOVE takes on a more pop feel with catchy chorus and upbeat melodies than “Like We Don’t Need to Whisper” and “I-Empire.” LOVE opens up with a synthesized instrumental and great drum piece “Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce,” serving as a good representation of what you’re about to hear.

The tracks “Young London” and the first single “Hallucinations” will draw new fans with their memorable hooks about dancing and love, while songs like “Shove” will please core fans.

LOVE tides the public over until the blink-182 release, but Angel and Airwaves’ new direction is worth noting, no matter how long they might be together.