OMNI arrives

The guys of Seattle based indie-rock band Minus the Bear have kept themselves busy in the three years since their last album “Planet of Ice” was released in 2007. They have finished their latest album, “OMNI,” set for release on May 4. They were recently signed to Dangerbird records, and are ready to embark on a U.S. tour, stopping in Detroit at St. Andrew’s Hall on April 25.

The Oakland Post got a chance to speak with bassist Cory Murchy on April 2.

The Oakland Post: What are you looking forward to with the upcoming tour?

Cory Murchy: We’re excited to get out and start playing some of these new songs we’ve got. We’ve been antsy and chomping at the bit to do it. This is our first run on the new record; it’s going to be a lot of fun. Plus, we’ve been home for so long that it’ll just be good to get out on the road again.

The Post: What is the difference between “OMNI” and your previous albums?

Murchy: It’s the first record that we did a lot of live studio takes and kept a lot of the rhythm tracks and a lot of the tracks from all of us just sitting in a room and playing, so that was exciting. It was the second time we used an outside producer, but the first one that really came in and helped preproduction and switching around parts and helping with some of that stuff.

The Post: What sets you apart from other bands?

Murchy: I think we’ve got a pretty strong work ethic. I think a lot of bands have that as well but I think we definitely put our elbows into it. We’re not afraid to go out and tour six months of the year and once we get home go straight back to the productive space and bash it out for some more. We’re all still really good friends; I don’t know how many bands still have that, so I think we’re fortunate in that regard too.

The Post: Minus the Bear has been together nearly a decade and have only gone through one lineup change, which seemingly ended on good terms. How has the band maintained such a lasting chemistry?

Murchy: I think we’ve all got the same vision as far as we want to be able to do this band for as long as possible and continue writing music as long as we’re having fun doing it. We’ve all got that same kind of vision to do this so I think that helps.

The Post: Who would make up the lineup of your dream tour?

Murchy: We’ve been lucky with who we’ve been able to tour with. P.O.S. and The Russian Circles and The Velvet Teen was a really fun tour, maybe re-form that one. Maybe Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, that’d be pretty good.

The Post: What would you be doing if you weren’t in the band?

Murchy: Dear lord, I don’t even want to think about it! We went up in a couple office buildings this week with the band just to go meet some people and it was terrifying. Half of us have all worked in office buildings before, so it definitely wouldn’t be in an office building. I’d probably try to help teach kids or something.

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