Bands to hit Royal Oak

Every year, lovers of any kind of music genre can look forward to the different concert festivals that occur in the summer

For heavy metal connoisseurs, The Cool Tour features headliners As I Lay Dyin with Underoath, Between the Buried and Me, Blessthefall, The Acacia Strain, Architects, Cancer Bats and War of Ages.


Underoath has been together for over 10 years, although no original member of the band remains. Last April, the final founding member, singer/drummer Aaron Gillespie, parted ways with the band. He was replaced with Daniel Davison, formerly of Norma Jean.

Lead guitarist Tim McTague also said the band was looking forward to many different things that being on The Cool Tour would bring, especially this being the first tour with Davison, the band’s new drummer.

“We haven’t really come together yet so it’s going to be a really fun and interesting time … really jump back in the swing of it with a bunch of new, excited people and exciting new things,” McTague said.

McTague said the band was looking forward to playing a brand new song on the tour, and having a fun show altogether. Later he talked about a goal that the band has that also helps them continue with what they’re doing – they want to always be inspirational to some degree.

“We just want people to walk away from a show feeling inspired. Whether that’s feeling inspired to change their life … to turn something around or that they’re inspired to go home and write music or create art,” McTague said.

In May 2010 the band revealed they were working on their next studio album, which is planned for a late 2010 release.

As I Lay Dying

Californian metalcore band As I Lay Dying has been rocking since 2000. They could be considered veterans of sorts of the summer concert festivals, having been a part of Ozzfest, Warped Tour and several others.

The guys are headlining the debut run of The Cool Tour, and are just a few months off releasing their latest album, “A Powerless Rise,” which was out in May 2010.

Rhythm guitarist Phil Sgrosso said the band was anticipating several different aspects of being on this tour. He said the band’s latest album is a product of a lot of growth in the band throughout the years. 

“We really wanted to progress a lot more,” Sgrosso said. “In sound it’s definitely most similar to our last album, but it kind of continued the maturity and progression of the band.”

Between the Buried and Me

Progressive/metal band Between the Buried and Me hail from Raleigh, North Carolina and grabbed their band’s name from a Counting Crows song, “Ghost Train.” Like their tour mates, BTBAM has also been going for 10 years.

The guys have been steadily touring since January, and according to front man Tommy Rogers, they’ve only had about three weeks off since then. They may be nearing the point of burning themselves out, although Rogers said he and the band were still anticipating this summer tour. 

“I think it’s going to be very relaxed. There are a lot of very awesome dudes on the tour, it’ll be fun,” Rogers said. “Chill with them and hang out, and just kind of feel like a summer vacation.”

Rogers didn’t seem too concerned with any negative reception from the fans there to see the other bands, either. He said that BTBAM had gotten the chance to play with a plethora of different bands, and that he and the band liked playing to diverse crowds.

BTBAM has often been referred to as “the thinking man’s band.” Rogers said he could understand that title, because of the effort put in to creating their music.

“We like to put so many different things into our music and it’s so much thinking it hurts, kind of,” Rogers said. “But also you can still sit back and listen rather than just thinking and paying attention to every part.”

After The Cool Tour is finished, Rogers said the band was going to be taking some time off from touring and start writing their next album. 

The tour kicks off July 12 and will be stopping at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on Sunday, July 18. Visit for tickets.