Dinner & movie: No more

Dates today seem to have hit a plateau on the creative scale; especially first dates. First dates have fell into this slump of dinner and a movie. A movie is potentially the worst thing to add to a first date. Why? You learn nothing about the person. At dinner you soak up what ever info you can before the food arrives. With the movie, the only conversation afterward is whether it was good or bad or how the people behind them kept talking.

Luckily, there are places around the metro-Detroit area that make for great first dates and won’t cripple your bank account. Five were found to have low-to-fair prices and they’re above the norm in the first date realm.

Detroit Institute of Art

$8/ticket – www.dia.org

On the surface, it seems rather boring to suggest a date at the DIA. That’s because we all remember it as fifth graders who didn’t care. But its setting can be made casual or romantic. The DIA is in the top six of largest art museums in the country and sits inside Wayne State’s campus surrounded by college-age kids, the Science Center, and plenty of local eateries. Guided tours are available, but should be avoided. It’s great for learning trivia about the painting, but usually they huddle people in groups. The DIA enables you to stroll at your leisure amidst semi-quiet areas, allowing you to either talk about the paintings or the interests of your date.

Detroit Zoo

$11/ticket – www.detroitzoo.org

Take it back to elementary school, but leave out chaperones yelling about staying together and forming a single file-line. The zoo, if posed right, can go over very well, often resulting in an “I haven’t been there in so long,” response. Situated on 10 Mile Road in Royal Oak, this location offers over 1,500 animals over 125 acres. Exhibits with in the zoo include an Arctic Ring of Life that allows you to see penguins and polar bears. But make sure you know the person before suggesting the date. If the girl or guy is a PETA supporter, another location is advised. Going to the zoo revisits a youth not often ventured. The zoo makes for great conversation without sacrificing scenery. Like any large local attraction food can be subpar and over priced, so plans to eat before or after is a wise decision.

Henry Ford Museum

$15/ticket – www.thehenryford.org

Tucked in the Dearborn area, it’s within Greenfield Village and brings with it a whole slew of history. Walking through the museum takes one through the industrial and pop cultures of America. With such pieces as the Lincoln Continental John F. Kennedy was assassinated in to prototype rocket-skates and old planes, the museum offers several hours worth of interesting history. If one were to brush up on their history on Wikipedia before hand, moments to impress the person may arise. And who doesn’t want to have their picture taken in front of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile?

Comedy Clubs

$8/ticket – www.comedycastle.com

Everybody loves to laugh; it’s human nature. And although this flirts on the border of movie theater setting (i.e., minimal talking), it’s a location rarely suggested so it works. A good idea is to look on their website to see the line up. Then a quick YouTube visit solves any qualms about the comedians skills. If they’re not funny, suggest another place. One thing to consider is age requirement, some clubs have a 21 and up policy. Unless the girl or guy hates laughing or fun, then a seance with a Ouija board may better suit you.

Tigers/Pistons Game

$5-15/ticket – www.palacenet.com


Sporting events aren’t usually associated with first dates or dates in general, but there are two professional teams that have discounted tickets and are rather enjoyable. The Tigers have some of the cheapest tickets around and still you get a lot for your money. The Pistons, as of the last few seasons, have been discounting tickets to get fans in the building. If both enjoy sports, a baseball or basketball game make for an ultra casual date setting. Keep in mind there are cash only parking fees for both venues ranging from $10-30.