Killing time on campus

So much emphasis has been put on construction and the parking situation. What have we learned from both? We’ve learned that construction sucks and a close parking spot is worth its weight in gold. It means so much the thought of letting it go to somebody through the day is laughable.

For students who have devoted their Tuesdays and Thursdays to Oakland, killing time is not a want; it’s a necessity.

Before leaving the house there are “essentials” that a student would be wise to toss in the backpack to help pass the time.

The number one thing to never forget is the much needed cell phone. Texting, along with the many other perks of a smartphone, is one of the best and most portable time killers.

“Without my cell phone I just feel naked and need to be connected to the outside world,” Senior Dan Adorjan said. “A Macbook Pro just so I can take notes, go online during free time, and watch movies.”

Hannah Henry, 22, a first year graduate student, agrees that a cell phone is great to have next to her textbooks.

“It’s nice to still have as a distraction,” Henry said. “Like talking to friends or browsing Facebook.”

Headphones are small purchases that carry a large convenience. Other than transporting music, they allow for an excuse to ignore a creeper or drown out annoying chatter throughout a room.

If a laptop is acceptable, then a charger should come along. A dwindling battery can really plague a student’s day.

The Oakland Center helps by offering a Mac Lab inside the Student Technology Center.

In addition to the open computer lab, the OC offers several areas ideal for breaking up the day.

Bumper’s Game Room and the collection of comfortable black leather sofa chairs are two of the places students find themselves congregating.

Senior Abby Narens says the Fireside Lounge, which lies near the information center and ID card office, is one of her favorite places to go.

“It’s relaxing and especially nice during the winter with the fire,” Narens said. “I like to relax, listen to music, and study there.”

If Kresge Library is a little too Breakfast Club, the Rec Center is a great alternative. The Rec supplies a weight room as well as an Olympic-size pool. Although if studying is desired, there are plenty of tables on track level overlooking wooded areas. The music playing overhead and the constant activity may be perfect for those who find the silence of Kresge’s third floor too eerie.

“I love to workout and the rec has an amazing weight room with a lot of newer and state-of-the-art equipment,” Senior Josh Vieth said. “Also the three full-size basketball courts and ping-pong tables give me something else to do.”

A wise choice would be to save gas, keep the parking space, and stay on campus because there’s enough to occupy anyone’s time.