Professor Profile: Holly Greiner-Hallman



Holly Greiner-Hallman is fascinated by the world around her.

Greiner-Hallman, who became a biology lecturer at OU this past fall, has always been interested in science and nature. Her interest in the subject is what has led her to want to teach others.

“My appreciation for the natural world in particular probably comes from having spent so much time outdoors as an observer of nature,” Greiner-Hallman said.

Greiner-Hallman herself is always curious to learn more about the world, which is the reason she stays interested in biology.

“If one observes for long enough, undoubtedly one will begin to ask questions.” Greiner-Hallman said. “It seems that the more I learn about biology, the more amazing the natural world seems.”

As a graduate student, she spent her time teaching sections of BIO 116, a lab class, and studying invasive earthworms in the Great Lakes region.

Greiner-Hallman completed her bachelor’s degree in biology and Spanish at Western Michigan University. She spent a year tutoring K-12 students, and then came to OU to complete her master’s degree.

“The reason I went to graduate school was to do exactly what I am doing today,” Greiner-Hallman said.

In 2010 she began teaching more sections of biology at OU and said she feels right at home when she’s teaching.

“When I’m at work, I feel like I am completely in my element,” Greiner-Hallman said.

In her classroom, Greiner-Hallman uses technology to her advantage. Her lectures include a colorful  pictures and You Tube videos.

“As instructors, we have great technology at our disposal and it is much more memorable for a student to see the phenomenon than to listen to me ramble on about it,” Greiner-Hallman said.

To students, Greiner-Hallman’s most powerful teaching tool is her enthusiasm, and she tries to show them that anyone can learn science.

“Bio seems a lot more fun with her…she gives you the straight facts,” said Kayla Graham, a sophomore majoring in elementary education.

In her free time, Greiner-Hallman likes to spend her time outdoors with her two dogs, two cats and husband.

“I spend a lot of time gardening, daydreaming about gardening and planning my next vegetable garden,” she said.

Greiner-Hallman is currently teaching BIO 110 Life on Earth and BIO 300 Biology and Society.