Jazz band to perform with trumpeter Marvin Stamm

Jazz and studio trumpeter Marvin Stamm will be performing at Varner Recital Hall on Thursday with the Oakland Jazz Band.

Stamm, established himself as a musician in the mid-1960s while living in New York City. He has performed with artists including Frank Sinatra and Benny Goodman.

Growing up in Memphis, Stamm chose to pursue band. He soon realized he wanted to make a career out of music.

“I chose the trumpet and as I progressed through my first year, I seemed to pick up things very quickly, showing a talent for music,” Stamm said. “By the time I finished eighth grade, after two years of playing, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: be a musician.”

Today Stamm said he spends much of his time performing for audiences across the country.

Although he has played in Michigan many times, Thursday’s event will be the first time he has visited Oakland University.

Miles Brown, OU jazz program coordinator, invited Stamm to perform at the school.

“As the Jazz Program coordinator, I try to program music that reflects the varied history of jazz, but also maintains the spirit of innovation that makes jazz exciting,” Brown said.

On Thursday, the OU Jazz Band and Stamm will collaborate onstage, performing four pieces together.

“(Audiences) can expect to see and hear a fine group of young musicians from the school performing excellent jazz, and I hope they will also enjoy my contribution,” Stamm said.

According to Brown, the Jazz Band will also play a suite by Duke Ellington called “Black, Brown and Beige.”

“It was Duke Ellington’s first attempt at creating symphonic music for jazz band and is a musical reflection of the story of the African-American,” Brown said. “The music is so beautiful, and I knew that the Oakland Jazz Band would do a wonderful job recreating the piece.”

General admission tickets are $11 and student tickets are available for free at the CSA office.

For more information about tickets and Varner performances, call 248-370-3013.