LEGOLAND Discovery Center hosts monthly Adult Nights

Famous buildings like the Fox Theater have been built as part of the display featuring Detroit. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Great Lakes Crossing is usually only open to kids and their parents, but once a month they make an exception and open the store for adults to get in on the fun as well.


The store occupies over 32,000 square feet where Jeepers! was previously located and contains interactive rides and games, various LEGO-themed exhibits, play areas for children and even a 4D-movie theatre.


After scanning in tickets, the adventure starts in a briefing room where two LEGO minifigures split the group into four teams and prep them for the first game.


Once the game starts, the group walks into a dark room with four dashboards. Projectors turn on and the whole room turns into a 360-degree tour of a LEGO factory.


Participants are able to see what the inside of a LEGO factory looks like, how the bricks are made and even make minifigures of their own.


The next game is LEGO Castle-themed. Groups get into chariots that roll through a fantasy forest, where they have to shoot everything from spiders to skeletons in order to save the day and help a dragon find her egg – while also competing to have the highest score of the day.


After those rides, LEGOLAND transitions to a LEGO re-creation of Detroit featuring landmarks like Comerica Park, the Renaissance Center and the Fox Theatre.


The display changes from day to night cycles, where all of the buildings light up and the room is constantly filled with classic Motown music coming from the LEGO Motown Museum.


Once guests finish walking through the miniature Detroit, they move into a larger room where groups can experience different attractions at their own pace.


This room contains multiple themed workshop areas where guests can build their own LEGO creations, enjoy a snack or drink, explore a giant play area and play LEGO-themed video games. There is also a LEGO clock tower with a dragon that pops out every 15 minutes (still not as tall as the Elliott Tower, though!).


After spending about an hour exploring all of the attractions, Adult Night ends with Video Game Jeopardy hosted by the store’s Master Model Builder in the 4D movie theatre.


In total, it takes about 90 minutes to get through the event and enjoy everything with a relatively busy crowd. On their way out, guests can purchase new LEGO sets to build at home.


LEGOLAND Adult Nights are held on the last Thursday of every month. The next Adult Night will be held July 28. Tickets cost $23.50 and each night is constructed with a different theme in mind.


To buy tickets in advance online or learn more information about LEGOLAND Discovery Center, check out