Silk Sonic releases debut album to universal acclaim


Photo courtesy of The Vanderbilt Hustler

Album cover for “An Evening with Silk Sonic.”

Silk Sonic, the R&B supergroup encompassing Bruno Mars, his band “The Hooligans,” and Anderson .Paak, have released their long awaited debut studio album, “An Evening with Silk Sonic,” and it’s taken the music world by storm. 

The charismatic duo has created a project so effortlessly unique, that calling it a throwback to an earlier time of music almost seems like an injustice. Funky, groovy and absolutely dripping with confidence and swagger, every song on this album gives off an infectious vibe that fights its way into the soul and feet of the listener. 

In just 31 minutes, “An Evening with Silk Sonic” made good on the promise that their pre-album release singles made to each and every one of their eager fans. By fusing all the best parts of pop, funk, rap and R&B together, the artists have seemingly tip-toed the fine line between nostalgia for the past and acknowledgement of the present, creating an ambitious and memorable project that satisfies every ear young and old that yearns for an earlier period of music. 

Calling upon the notable sounds and bringing back fond memories of 1970s funk groups like the iconic Earth, Wind & Fire and The Jackson 5, most of the songs on this album feel like they would be right at home playing on an episode of Soul Train, in a disco bar or in a skate rink. 

Whether it’s love and sensual experiences like those present in “Leave the Door Open” and “After Last Night [with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins],” the feelings of pain, stress and loneliness shown in “Smokin Out The Window” and “Put On A Smile,” or just the all-around good vibes like the ones in “Skate” or “Fly As Me,” every song has a specific feeling — and you’re sure to feel each and every one. 

Narrated by musical legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bootsy Collins, the album plays out like a personal stage performance dedicated to each fan. Mars’ always reliable starpower, vocal prowess and musical talent mixes together with .Paak’s obvious passion, prodigious charisma and boisterous personality to take fans into another stratosphere of musical excellence that neither could reach alone. 

While neither Mars nor .Paak are strangers to success, this album will surely leave everyone begging for more from the talented superstars. It’s crystal clear that whether they’re performing alone or continuing to make sweet sounds together, both of these performers aren’t done delivering hits, and the public couldn’t be happier about that fact. 

This album doesn’t make a superlative statement about social change or issues pertaining to the world at large, but it doesn’t have to. Their love for music and its history shines through every atom of this album, marking it as a standout project from the rest of its peers without having to address any “heavy” issues. This album is about the music’s powerful ability to bring people together for a good time, and spending this evening with Silk Sonic will definitely result in a good time.