The Device Debacle

There have always been loyalty debates over what could be considered the three most mainstream mobile operating systems: Android, iOS and BBOS. As journalists, Oakland Post staff members need to take into consideration effectiveness of news consumption, social media and other methods of keeping up to date. Still, as is common, each OS holds distinct features which appeal to individuals.

Android Advantages

I recently purchased the Motorola Xoom, an Android powered tablet which has replaced my bulky laptop and allows me to do a number of things I don’t have enough room to ramble about.

Every person I have shown my new toy off to has asked me the following question: “Is that the iPad?”

My response?

“No. It’s something better.”

I’m not sure where to start with my argument that my HTC EVO 4G runs the superior operating system.

iPhone hipsters can say whatever they want — I don’t see their phones being fully customizable.

It’s not about open source. It’s about hiding the apps I dont want and being able to make my phone look however I want it to without jailbreaking it.

The main arguing point from iPhone fanatics is that Android has “copied” from Apple. But hello, top-down notifications iOS 5! Where did you get that?

As far as performance, both competitors are just reskinned on each release.

As for my hardware, I have once word: kickstand.

I’m not strictly a business person. I feel like I would want to chuck my hunk-of-crap Blackberry every time I held it.

Maybe Swype is dumb sometimes. But have you seen All iPhone screens? Curious, huh.

Is your Angry Birds app free? No?

Mine is.

And since I can install any app I want, I can get a free app every day from Amazon and don’t have to pay into someones pocket every time.

Yes, the iPhone is a beautiful device. Yes, BlackBerry has its specific market. But I want the best I can get, the top of tech. So that’s what I bought. An Android.


iPhone iNfluences

The iPhone is near perfect.

It does almost everything I need, easily and beautifully in both design and execution.

Don’t listen to every android and Blackberry fanatic. The damn thing is a workhorse.

The seamless iTunes integration, the full web browser, the highest resolution screen on a mobile device, the new age sexting via FaceTime. It’s cutting age from the amazing to the obscene.

I know those Android fan boys say, “Hey Kevin, Apple doesn’t allow open sourcing!”

My reply, “I don’t care, loser. Apple filters out most of the crap that you have constant problems with. Also, your mom called. She’s waiting to pick you up from Dungeons and Dragon’s fan club.”

Yes, it doesn’t have flash integration but do you have the Hanging with Friends App in your Android marketplace? I think not.

“But I just got the new Angry Bird update on my Droid!”

That’s cute, I had that months ago.

I know geeks will gloat about the range and amount of Droid users versus iPhone users. Obviously hardware companies have lower standards.

If I have a problem with it, the Apple store with its soft lighting is a safe haven for my troubles.

Actually, it’s a safe haven when I have trouble, which I haven’t had any with both my first generation iPhone and my current iPhone 4.

None. None at all.

Here’s how I know that the iPhone is more mainstream than ever: my 75 year-old grandmother has one.

But besides that, it’s not about the commercials or popularity with most apple products that make the iPhone great.

It. Just. Works.


BlackBerry Benefits

I am an unabashed Crackberry addict.

I continually feel the need to check my phone, like so many other millenials, but I just really love the design and functionality of Research in Motion’s Blackberry.

It’s nothing really special, nor is it the newest thing to hit the market. It’s just plain reliable and allows me to be efficient without being so convenient that I am a slave to the device.

That’s right: I like the fact that my phone’s web browser is slow. It helps me curb my cell phone addiction and I can actually put it down.

All that I need is constant access to my email and RIM’s client does the job.

Though the debate is primarily between iPhones and Androids now, I don’t think the Blackberry should be counted out.

I also just love that it is altogether a professional phone. I’ll admit it: I’m more apt to talk to you if I can contact you via Blackberry Messenger.

I can also hold my phone any way I’d like, unlike the iPhone 4 Kevin Romanchik picked up at the Apple Store the day it was released.

I’ve also  seen Kaitlyn Chornoby yell at her phone as Swype didn’t work on her beloved EVO.

Android and iPhone users can brag all they want about how they can do more, but I think the best thing about my Blackberry is that I can’t do everything on my phone.

Sorry if my phone isn’t surgically grafted to my hand.