Michigan Pinball Expo on campus for fourth consecutive year

The Michigan Pinball Expo was on campus for the fourth consecutive year this past weekend.

The event, sponsored by Jersey Jack Pinball, featured more than 125 classic, new and custom pinball machines, as well as tournaments and keynote speakers.

“Everything’s been great with OU,” said show director John Kosmal of Rochester Hills. “I’m very happy with the facilities.”

Many people from the surrounding area came to play, but the tournaments also drew players from other states and countries as far away as Holland, Italy and Germany, according to expo members Joe Said and Amanda Grabowski.

Pinball players competed in three classics tournaments, the Michigan State Open Championship, Pinbrawl XII, Pin-Golf and the “Wizards in Training” tournament for younger players.

According to Grabowski, many of the international players were among the top in their countries.

Some of the newest pinball games were on display at the expo, including the upcoming “Wizard of Oz” machine by Jersey Jack Pinball and the new “Avengers” machine by Stern Pinball, Inc.

The event also brought custom one-of-a-kind machines like a custom “Duck Hunt” machine owned by Aaron Klumpp and the “Predator” machine by Skit-B Pinball.

Speakers included “Jersey” Jack Guarnieri, pinball artist Python Anghelo, pinball machine creator Steve Ritchie and members of Skit-B Pinball. Bobby Butara also put on “Pinball 101” and “Pinball 102” seminars, teaching first-time owners the basics of buying and maintaining a machine.

“We’re doing great,” Kosmal said. “This place is exploding right now. There’s people everywhere.”

Kosmal said his favorite machines were the “Tron: Legacy,” “Avengers” and “Iron Man” games by Stern and the “Wizard of Oz” machine by Jersey Jack.

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