Man on the Street: Where do you buy your books?

by Ellen Searle

Where do you buy your books?

Erin Chattan, senior

I buy them online on Amazon because my professors will tell me that I don’t need a current edition, so I can get a previous edition for about $100 cheaper.

Gerit Chatau, freshman

At the Oakland bookstore. I buy them if they’re used. You get a nice little cheaper price [and] I’d rather keep all my books because I’m still a freshman at the moment.

Shelby Wallace, junior because I have a Barnes and Noble membership, so I get discounts on the books and free shipping. I buy because I’m going to be in Social Work classes, and I’ll need the books for later in my career.

Jacob Wierszewski I already purchased most of them, and then I have to buy one at the Oakland Center. So far I’ve found it cheaper. I’ve already gotten four books for under $100.

Elyse Watkins,Third Semester, Accelerated Nursing

The bookstore, because I get funding through Michigan Works, and so I am able to go to the bookstore and the state pays for my books.The only thing that’s inconvenient is they’re not open on weekends. But otherwise it’s fine with me.

Madeline Loshime, senior

This year I’m getting them on Amazon. A big pro for Amazon is that it’s a lot cheaper, and you can see all your options. You can see how expensive it would be to rent or buy or used or buy new. The bookstore is obviously convenient because it’s right there, but I’ve heard that it has really long lines, and then you’re also going to pay a lot more if you go to the bookstore. I prefer Amazon because it’s a lot easier. You can just type in the books that you need and order them and they get shipped right to your house. It’s hassle free and you save a lot of money.

Alec Fancher, junior because they rent me books at 20 percent of what normal bookstores charge. I hardly ever use the book after my class is done, so I just return it because I don’t need it after.


Amber Criger, junior

I get them from Chegg. Chegg has good deals and then I can get the rest at the bookstore.

Brandon Grady, freshman

Most of them I got online because it was a little bit cheaper and I got them used, and a couple I had to get from the bookstore.


Chantelle, sophomore

OU Bookstore because it’s the most convenient place and they sell everything in packages.