What are you doing to get back into the OU groove?

The Fall semester started on Sept. 3, and it’s the close of summer for incoming OU students.  So, The Post asks students how they will get back to the grind and wish summer a “Goodbye.”

“What are you doing to get back into the ‘OU groove’?”

John Christina, sophomore

“Seeing all of my friends again and going back to the gym.”

Devon Meadows, senior

“Getting OU students involved with rugby, and all of the other teams and club sports.”

Ian Lester, sophomore

“I’m getting more organized with school work, my new job, friends and everything else.”

Chris Arellanes, senior

“Collecting skaters to get involved with the skateboarding club.”

Nichole Contesti, junior

“I’m on the swimming team, so practicing every day… trying to stay awake in classes, the usual.”

Marissa Szczesny, freshman

“I’ve been trying to meet new people and get involved – my classes are really helping with that.”

Matt Martin, junior

“Coming to eat at the OC, and I call all of my Oakland friends to see how they’re doing.”

Binca Marrogy, junior

“I moved here for housing training two weeks ago, so that really helped me to get in the groove.”

Emily Fitzgerald, junior

“I’ve been attending a few of the Welcome Week events, and I’ve started reading the class syllabi and the first few chapters of my books.”