To Cuba with love: A family heritage

The forbidden country of Cuba has always been looked at from a negative perspective. My experience in Cuba is a little different than most people would imagine. 

My father left Cuba at the age of 13 to come to the United States. Not all of his family was able to leave with him so I have a lot of family left living in Havana. 

I have traveled to Cuba many times to visit my family and experience the culture and the beauty of the country. 

Every time I arrive in the city of Havana, I am welcomed by many people. 

My whole family lives in the same neighborhood so there is always a big gathering. My family and I are very close to each other even though we don’t see one another for years at a time.

The people of Cuba are so intrigued by Americans. It’s most Cubans’ dream to be able to leave the island and live the way we do here in America. Cubans are lively, passionate and hardworking people who are limited in reaching their potential because of the government. Its amazing how intrigued the Cuban people are, they want to be as educated as they possibly can.

La Cultura

My favorite thing to do is going to the beach with my family. We also have lots of fun going to La Habana, downtown Havana, where all the salsa clubs and hang out spots are. There are beautiful sites in La Habana like Fort Morro, the museums where Castro’s story of the rebellion is shown. The cathedrals are amazing, the architecture is something that you will never see here.

 Another distinct thing Cuba is known for is its cars. They are old-school cars that we would see here in The Dream Cruise. 

Baseball, boxing and volleyball are the three biggest sports in Cuba. It’s always fun to watch a national baseball team in Cuba ending up playing in the Olympics or the World Baseball Classic. 

There are so many things I was able to experience in Cuba that I could never here. Just because of how different people live. 

La Vida Cubano

In Cuba you appreciate life whether you live there or are just visiting. Everyone I run across from there always has a positive outlook on life. I always feel at home when I’m there. 

While Cuba may be less fortunate, then the U.S.,they live the most lavish life they can with what they have. Everyone is welcoming and full of questions about the United States. 

I hope that one day Cuba will be open to everyone in the U.S. If you ever have the opportunity to go take full advantage of it. There truly is nothing like Cuba, it’s full of potential with old treasures.