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You’ll ‘always be in my heart’

By Kailee Mathias January 21, 2014

I was only in sixth grade when the word cancer turned my world upside down.My parents called my little brother and I into the living room — I had thought we were ordering pizza. But, after one look...

Stump the librarian: “What is the animal to human ration in the United States?”

By Mystery Librarian October 30, 2013

Dearest readers,This week there was the luxury of choosing between several intriguing queries—if yours is not featured here, fear not!  Your time will come. M writes in with “What is the animal to...

Lend your voice to the Oakland Center

Contributed by Ashley Monticciolo October 22, 2013

As students, we have all seen Oakland University grow immensely. This has been the first year that enrollment has hit 20,000, and campus life is flourishing because of it.  Due to the increase of students...

To Cuba with love: A family heritage

By Jessah Rolstone September 24, 2013

The forbidden country of Cuba has always been looked at from a negative perspective. My experience in Cuba is a little different than most people would imagine. My father left Cuba at the age of 13 to...

The full cost of being part-time faculty

By Editors September 24, 2013

A recent article on NPR’s website tells of adjunct instructor Margaret Mary Vojtko from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. After working 25 years in education, Vojtko was “destitute and nearly homeless,”...

Suicide Perspective

Contributed by Rebekah Thomas September 15, 2013

Suicide. It tends to be a topic that a lot of people avoid. I am not one of those people. It’s not like I’m studying clinical psychology either. I am simply a normal student, whose life just happens...

The smoking ban: No enforcement at all?

By Jake Alsko September 11, 2013

While I was watching the Men’s soccer game on Friday, I witnessed a pretty amusing exchange between an event staff member and an unreasonable student arguing over the new smoking policy. Here goes my...

September 11- in remembrance

September 11- in remembrance

By editors September 10, 2013

Twelve years have passed since Sept. 11, 2001, in which 2,996 people lost their lives, more than 6,000 people were injured and an entire nation was shocked.The resulting Operation Enduring Freedom left...

Perspective: Culture is abroad at Oakland for this semester

Contributed by Kathleen Peterson September 8, 2013

As we return to school this fall, Student Congress is in full swing. We have a very exciting semester lined up for students. All summer, myself along with the rest of the executive board, have worked extremely...

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