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The United States’ involvement in Latin America and its consequences

Noah Thomason, Political Reporter November 15, 2023

Immigration from Latin America has been a present topic in U.S. politics for a long time now, especially among conservatives. There has been significant fearmongering about the “threat” immigrants...

The United States needs to stop enabling Cuba’s communist dictatorship

Tanner Trafelet, Contributor July 28, 2021

The Cuban Constitution ratified in 2019 states that Cubans have a right to free speech and expression, as long as it ‘is in accordance with the humanist principles upon which the State’s cultural policy...

Kaleigh Wright looking out over the city of Viñales, Cuba. Her experience on the island informs her voice on relations between U.S. and Cuba.

What I saw firsthand in Cuba, why the U.S. must help

Kaleigh Wright, Contributor July 16, 2021

I was 19-years-old when I flew to Cuba. It was 2015, President Obama was inching towards reopened relations, my friend and I were young journalists looking to interview and film the lives of Cubans across...

Looking Back: A history of The Oakland Post

Cheyanne Kramer, Web Editor August 30, 2016

1959 was a huge year across the world. Fidel Castro became the Prime Minister in Cuba. “Bonanza” premiered on NBC as the first weekly television show to air completely in color. Mattel launched its...

To Cuba with love: A family heritage

By Jessah Rolstone September 24, 2013

The forbidden country of Cuba has always been looked at from a negative perspective. My experience in Cuba is a little different than most people would imagine. My father left Cuba at the age of 13 to...

Daughter of Fidel Castro shares with OU  crowd her life with(out) her father

Daughter of Fidel Castro shares with OU crowd her life with(out) her father

By Kailee Mathias September 24, 2013

Alina Fernandez, daughter of the Communist Cuban leader Fidel Castro, came to Oakland University Monday, Sept. 23 and spoke to students about her life in Cuba.“She’s such an amazing woman and so humble,...

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