Introducing Arianna Heyman, The Oakland Post’s new editor-in-chief


With a deep admiration for the Oakland University community and a commitment to continuing a legacy of excellence, Arianna Heyman is next to take on the role of editor-in-chief of The Oakland Post. 

Heyman’s relationship with OU’s independent student newspaper began in the fall of 2021. Pursuing a double major in journalism and communication, Heyman happened upon The Post while researching what opportunities OU had available to help cultivate her journalism skills.

“I started looking into what journalism opportunities were available at OU,” Heyman said. “Of course, The Post was the first thing that popped up when I searched it on Google. I was like — this is definitely something I want to get involved with.”

Covering topics from the war in Ukraine to political debates, Heyman first began working at The Oakland Post as a Senior Reporter and was later promoted to Features Editor. She believes both positions have paved the path to becoming the editor-in-chief.

“Every step that I’ve taken at The Post has been so rewarding,” she said. “My roles as senior reporter and features editor really helped me on this journey to becoming editor-in-chief.”

Heyman has also had the opportunity to intern at HOUR Detroit Magazine and WXYZ-TV. These experiences allow Heyman to begin her position as editor-in-chief with determination and confidence.

“I just want to contribute to the success of The Oakland Post and I feel that all of the experience I’ve had allows me to help drive that vision forward,” Heyman said.

With a fresh pair of eyes, Heyman has a lot to bring to the table as editor-in-chief. Heyman’s primary focus is bringing The Post into the digital age, as she feels most people get their news online.  

“A weekly edition doesn’t necessarily suit the type of environment we’re in right now,” she said. “Changing the print schedule is something I’m working on right now — maybe making a biweekly print edition so we can focus more on digital content.”

Heyman also wants The Post to develop a closer relationship with OU students studying in different majors aside from journalism. Hoping to report more stories about politics — whether locally, nationally or internationally, Heyman would like to give political science majors a chance to write these articles from their perspective.

“I think it’s important that students from different disciplines get an opportunity to write for us,” Heyman said.

Thriving in leadership positions, Heyman is excited to collaborate with a group of students in the continued development of The Oakland Post.

“I really enjoy having a team around me and I love the collaboration aspect of working with a team,” she said. “I think the combination of being comfortable in a leadership position, comfortable pushing a specific vision, plus being so happy when I work with a big team is why [editor-in-chief is] a good fit for me.”

When she’s not working for The Post, Heyman hosts a show for OUTV titled “Explore OU” which highlights the people of OU, as well as the events and activities taking place on campus. Heyman also enjoys going to concerts and refers to herself as an “obsessive Red Wings fan,” attending games any chance she gets. 

After graduation, Heyman plans to work in journalism, whether it be in print or broadcast.

“There’s so many avenues that I could go down — I’m excited about any of them,” Heyman said. “I know I will be working in the journalism field after graduation — there’s no other option for me.”

As she transitions to the role of editor-in-chief, Heyman hopes to help readers recognize how fortunate they are to have access to an independent student newspaper like The Oakland Post. 

“Everybody on our staff is so driven and I think we truly make a difference for the OU community,” she said. “It’s really important to note that independent student journalism is incredibly vital to any college campus.”