Finnegans invites students to dine


Inside of the Steve Sharf Clubhouse lies the Patti Finnegan’s Pub & Grille, alongside the Oakland University Golf Course.

The late Stephan Sharf approached Executive Chef Frank Goodney to move to the restaurant. 

Goodney accepted and joined forces with general manager, Matthew Zarghami, to create Finnegan’s.

“We have been trying to branch out from the east side for a while now so this was a perfect opportunity to get into Oakland County,” Goodney said. “Mr. Sharf was a big contributor to OU and Jeff Crank (owner of Crank’s Catering) has always been involved with the UAW, Chrysler so that was a big point for him to want to get over here on campus.”

Since their grand opening April 2, they haven’t serviced many Oakland students, but they are looking to reach out to the campus body.

“It’s all been word-of-mouth since the beginning. I believe with students and OU faculty we will be doing 10-15 percent off discounts (in preceding years). Hopefully next year we can sit down and get something going with the university. Maybe we can give (students) their own night or something like that,” Goodney said. “We just wanted to run through the first year and see how things go from there. We will try to start branching out to the campus more.”

Finnegan’s features a full bar with a dining area to channel any outing. 

With menu options ranging from Michigan Festival Salad to Asian Orchard Salmon, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

In Goodney’s opinion, the best thing on the menu is the 38-52 ounce 57 day-aged Tomahawk rib eye steak.

“It’s about 18-19 inches long when it comes out on the plate. People just love it,” Goodney said. 

Goodney also believes the view from the restaurant could not be better. 

“What better view do you have? It’s a beautiful spot out here. I love it,” Goodney said. “I’ll go out and take golf cart rides just to clear my head and be out in nature with the deers, eagles and turkeys. It’s beautiful.”