Grizzly Getaways: Travel deals for OU alum

The Grizzly Getaways Oakland University Travel program scouts for exotic locations to send alumni and offers OU alumni the opportunity to give back to a current student at the university. A portion of the proceeds from trips through the Grizzly Getaway are donated to a student scholarship.

“It’s a great and easy way to give back,” said Amanda Fylan, alumni engagement and marketing manager. “It’s pretty painless they go on a trip to an interesting place and they can donate to a student in the process.”

Exotic Destinations

Alumni leave for Beijing Thursday, Nov. 7 to explore the culture, history and cuisine of the historic city of China, according to the alumni travel website.

“As I go through and choose trips I take a look at the different things travelers want,” Fylan said. “Some people like to travel within the United States, others may want to bring their children. For example, this year we have added National Parks of the Midwest to the trip.”

A historic trip coming up for alumni is a visit to Normandy May 6 through 14 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

“This will give alumni a chance to walk back through history and explore the World War II times,” Fylan said.

There are currently 11 different planned trips listed from around the globe.

“I love to travel myself so when planning I try to think of exotic places,” Fylan said. “I’ll get out a map of the world to pin point different regions.”

Pre-Packaged Trip

The Getaway Program packages the entire trip. They do all of the research, schedule transportation and find hotels for reasonable prices. The whole trip is a pre-packaged deal.

“It’s packaged and we do it for a mass population so it’s cheaper than if they do it alone,” Fylan said.

Fylan said they are working to transform the project so there are more travel opportunities. One goal they have set is planning 12 trips a year instead of three or four. Fylan also hopes that at one point faculty members will even get involved creating an educational experience.

“I love thinking of the fantasy and fairytale of what it will be like when they get there,” Fylan said.

Beiing, Tahitian Jewels, and Ireland are just some of the getaways listed on their website.

For more information e-mail Amanda Fylan at [email protected].