Golden Grizzlies’ top ten tips for another COVID-19 semester


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As we enter into a fifth semester during COVID-19, Golden Grizzlies offer their top tips for a successful semester.

As we enter a fifth semester during the pandemic, I think we all are experiencing some sort of burnout — Zoom fatigue, stress, general lack of motivation, mental health challenges and the list goes on. Here’s the Golden Grizzly’s guide for another COVID-19 semester. 

1. Start with a routine — and maybe a planner

Set your alarm, shower, eat breakfast and plan out time for school and work. Writing down your schedule in planners and calendars are helpful, especially when it’s easy to lose track of eternal forum deadlines and ever changing Zoom meetings. 

2. Make time for things you enjoy

Speaking of routines, don’t forget to include actual fun on your schedule. 

“Make sure to do something you love at least once a day whether it be small things like listening to your favorite song, going outside for a little, watching an episode of a show you like, talking to a friend, making time to enjoy each day,” says junior graphic design major Jessica Rusin. 

3. Stay active

While it may be difficult to be active if you’re cooped up at home, try to get outside whether it’s your own backyard or going for a ten minute walk around the block (be sure to bundle up though). At home exercises are another great way to stay active. 

4. Sleep, sleep, sleep 

Establishing healthy sleep habits, getting enough hours at night and maintaining a consistent schedule can make a world of difference.  

“One of the most important things is sleep,” says senior journalism major Blake Woodruff. “It’s very easy to lose track of your sleep schedule with everything going on. If you don’t sleep right it affects your entire day. Everything from what you eat to what you hear.”

5. Take frequent breaks

Research shows that regular breaks can actually improve your performance, as they can help decrease stress and exhaustion. Plus, breaks between tasks make great rewards! 

6. Start small 

While taking breaks and dividing work into smaller pieces can help, they can’t happen without the first step — often the hardest part. Try to make small or short term goals, such as read the first few pages of the chapter or log into your email, which can prevent feeling overwhelmed. 

7. Reach out to your professors 

If you’re struggling with your workload or need extra clarification, your professors are only an email or Moodle DM away. 

“Professors are human beings,” says Associate Professor of Spanish Dr. Daniel Lorca. “We do what we do because we find happiness when we give what we know to another. During COVID, keep that in mind. We will help if we can — helping is who we are. Reach out. Explain. We are here for you.” 

For additional homework help, check out the Writing Center and the Tutoring Center

8. Stay connected

Keep in touch with friends, family or classmates and surround yourself with a supportive community. 

Check out Campus Labs for a complete list of student organizations to join. The OU Counselling Center also offers free support group and therapy services through July 1. 

9. Plan something special 

It’s always great to have something fun on the horizon to keep you motivated. 

“Plan something fun out of the ordinary that you can look forward to both during the current Omicron wave and for when it’s safer to do some other things,” says Associate Professor of Communication, Journalism and Public Relations Dr. Rebekah Farrugia. 

10. Try a journal 

Writing about your day or how you’re feeling can be a cathartic way to release pent-up emotions, which are certainly at a high. 

“… writing into a journal or having an outlet where you can let out some frustrations or concerns takes some of the edge off,” says senior journalism major Monique Bedford.