Twitter user parodies Oakland University president

Oakland University has had its share of social media shenanigans, and the tradition continues with the latest account that parodies none other than new president George W. Hynd.

The Oakland Post grabbed an interview via Twitter message with this latest trickster  read more about the mind behind @OUpresidentHynd.

When did you start this, and why?

Yesterday at lunch.

How have students reacted to this account?

OU Comm and Marketing actually wants to merge this account with the #ThisIsOU campaign. JK, but the students love it … and have enjoyed our tweets so far.

…*my tweets so far.

What will you do if an OU official calls out the account?

If I am called out, I’ll fire them since I’m the President. That was easy.

How long do you plan on keeping this up (regularly)?

I plan to tweet until my tenure as President has run its course.

If you were the OU president, what would be the first thing you’d do?

Um, I am the OU President, please see my tweet about Chick-Fil-A. I also want to enhance campus life for students!

What’s your best Hynd pun?

Pun: Who dat? Who dat? H-Y-N-D

Can’t wait for Iggy to come to campus! #OUFancyHuh

What’s your favorite OU-related Twitter account?

I am my own favorite OU related Twitter account.

Awesome, thank you for the answers! … Also, care to share how many people are beHYND this?

Clever play on words. There are two witty brains beHYND this account…Barack and Michelle Obama.

I’d just like to say thank you to all the students that follow me and for welcoming me with open arms as I join your community. #ThisIsOU

This will be a positive and fun account for Oakland students. Follow this account and be entertained through the eyes of the highest administrator on campus. #ThisIsOU