A bump in the road for Bumpers

Students enjoy the many different ways to blow off steam at Bumpers.

By Cheyanne Kramer

Almost all students have a way to relax. For many, Bumpers Game Room is a key location to get away from the stress of college life and make some new friends.

“It’s more than a game room. Students are offered free access to pool, tennis and video games, of course, but it’s also a place for students to have a home at the university. We have a lot of commuters who visit, and I’ve seen groups of friends form around the games here,” said Brittany Hall, associate chair of the Student Program Board and a member of the Bumpers Staff.

Currently, Bumpers is facing some serious issues, including broken  and even lack of equipment. According to Hall, there was a group of people told to ask around at other pool tables for another stick because there wasn’t enough to have even two or three at every table.

“I think Bumpers could use more variety, and maybe some more ping pong tables. There’s just not enough in there for everyone to be accommodated,” Oakland student Christian Hiltz said.

It is likely that when students visit the game room between 12 and 5 p.m., it is packed. Hall said that because Oakland keeps growing, there continues to be problems with long lines and the issue of not enough space.

“An expansion means more potential for the game room. Most universities have huge, expansive gaming centers, sometimes even bowling alleys. I wish Oakland would help out Bumpers a bit and make this place into something every student would want to go to,” Hall said.

The lack of equipment isn’t the only issue now, however. There is also a possibility for Chartwells to turn the existing game room into a new cafe.

“They would take most of the front of Bumpers, where the TVs and gaming systems are. There’s a counter where a cafe used to be, and they’re talking about having the food counter there and a seating area where all of our TVs and gaming systems are,” Hall said.

“Honestly, I think there’s enough places to eat on campus. Pioneer Food Court is right upstairs in the OC and I know a lot of people who frequent Bumpers would be more than upset about losing their social spot,” freshman Jessica Peters said.

Peters went one step further by asking her peers on the popular app Yik Yak what students would anonymously say about the issue. Some students were expressing anger at the possibility, but one student posed a contrasting view, “The Cafe would be nice. The lines are getting ridiculous right now in the food court.”

If the cafe was built, they would possibly leave a couple of the pool or table tennis tables, but the rest remains unknown.

For more information regarding Bumpers Game Room, visit the room downstairs in the Oakland Center.

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