Fashion Forward 2015

By Sélah Fischer


Heading into a new year, many people resolve to leave behind their horrible diet and bad habits.

However, not everything from 2014 has to go. There are some things you should hold onto – and they’re probably right in your closet.

Good news: there’s no need to donate UGGs, leggings and yoga pants because they’re still in style. You can also rock your favorite North Face jacket and fit right in.

Comfort is key

“Everyday on campus I wear an oversized sweater paired with a pair of leggings and UGG boots,” said junior Amanda Kassab.

“I have at least seven pairs of UGGs. I’m on campus all day and I like to be comfortable like most girls.”

Walking around campus, many will notice the majority of female students are decked out in last year’s attire. However, it’s not all about the old trends.

With a new year come new fashion trends, and they can be seen all over campus this semester. Ladies are covered in faux fur and wearing designer rain boots – rain or shine.

“I wear my North Face jacket almost every day. When it’s wet outside, I like to wear my Hunter rain boots,” said senior Katelyn Gohlke.

Boots can be paired with almost anything. It all depends on how students feel the most comfortable.

“I usually always wear a big comfortable sweater and layer that with a large scarf,” junior Ivana Vitosevic said. “I’m always wearing my Chelsea boots as well.”

Students want to stay warm but fashionable at the same time. Mixing new and old fashion trends make it easy to do just that.

“All of my North Face jackets are the super fuzzy ones,” senior Chantel Lohmann said.

“I have a baby pink color, black and grey one and wear them almost every day to school,” Lohmann said. “They’re so warm and I feel like almost everyone owns one since the brand name is so popular.”

Men’s fashions

On campus, it’s not just girls that are pulling out trendy outfits from the back of their closet, but guys as well.

For guys, it’s mainly about the shoes this year. Timberlands and statement sneakers, such as Nikes, are popular.  

“I usually wear my colorful Nike running shoes to class,” said Rob Marshall, senior.

Aside from shoes, plaid is trending. Many guys like to stay casual and comfortable on campus during Michigan’s cold winter months.

“Plaid gives off a laid back but still clean-cut look,” senior Steve Thibault said.

“I have around eight plaid flannels that I wear all the time to class in the winter,” he said. “They’re thick, warm and easy to match with any pair of pants, which is why I think they’re so popular right now for guys.”

Comfortable, casual – but most importantly fashionable – Oakland University is filled with students expressing themselves through fashion.