Carving out the local scene

By Erica Marracco

Carved Out is a new, local hardcore band that includes OU students Aaron Rush and Kevin Teller.

Their first live show was just last week at Hatchy’s in Utica. But before even playing their first show, Carved Out already had their artwork designed, two songs recorded and uploaded onto Spotify and iTunes and future gigs lined up.

“We’re ready to get out there and make a presence,” said bassist and backup vocalist, Kevin Teller. “We’ve all been in different bands at one point before so this is our comeback.”

Teller is a third-year student and also a reporter for the Oakland Post. His bandmate, Aaron Rush, is a second-year student and the band’s vocalist and rhythm guitar player.

Carved Out has five songs: Coquette, Reflect and Respond, Wanderer, Chemotherapy, and Never Worn.

“Our lyrics are emotions put into words,” Rush said. “Chemotherapy is about the purification process of oneself and how hard it is to self-reflect.”

Some artistic influences for the members of Carved Out are Counterparts, Architects, My Ticket Home, and Animals as Leaders.

Their next show is on January 30 at Simon’s After Dark located in Allen Park. One show they are really excited for is on March 13 at the Pike Room, where they will be playing with local bands Shapes & Colors, Alive in Standby, Get at Me, and the Timbre of Cedar.

If you’re interested in buying tickets for shows, contact the band via email at [email protected]

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