Students make it through first day, rain or shine

By Shelby Tankersley

Nerves and excitement were at a high, as OU students new and old got back to work on the first day of school.

Getting past the first day is quite the accomplishment in some students’ eyes. Especially for incoming freshman, like Ellen Fitzmaurice, who can relax in the fact that the hard part is over and they are now full-fledged college students.

“I wasn’t too nervous, but there was still that bit of anxiety that comes with going to a big lecture.” Fitzmaurice said. “I was really nervous about being late for my classes, but everything went good.”

Despite all of the rain, the cheerful atmosphere was not brought down. Many students still explored campus and reunited with friends, while enjoying welcome week activities and the renovated Oakland Center.

“It’s thrilling to see so many new students around campus.” Sam Harris, student leader with the student program board said. “I’m very optimistic about the rest of this year.”

Here at The Oakland Post, we welcome back those who are returning and to all of the freshmen, good luck – you’re going to love it here.