Student orgs benefit OU students

As the campus expands, so does the number of student organizations and clubs at Oakland. Since last week, the school has approved the addition of three more clubs on campus. This makes a grand total of 308 student organizations.

Oakland offers over 50 academic based clubs, 28 club sports, 24 service groups, 22 Greek chapters and 15 faith-based organizations in addition to others. With all these groups, it should not be hard to find something to fit your interests.

Each club has something special to offer.

Academic clubs can help when it comes to the ins and outs of your major. Many faith-based organizations have prayer meetings. Service clubs offer volunteer options at different local charities and at least one Greek chapter has a philanthropy event going on each week.

Parents and students alike say that joining a student organization is beneficial. Some of these benefits mentioned by students were networking opportunities, making friends, learning new skills or improving old skills and being able to give back to the community.

Being a member of an organization can allow you to be a part of something bigger and feel more connected to campus.  

In addition to being a member of a club, holding a position in a organization can bring many more experiences such as leadership conferences, resume boosters and many specialized skills.  

One unique club available to students is the Grizzlies Racing Team.  

“The Grizzlies Racing team design, builds, tests and competes with a small open-wheeled race car every year,” Marissa Solnik, Grizzlies Racing Formula SAE treasurer, said.  “The team is self-managed, causing us to go out and personally create partnership with our sponsors. We are required to juggle many hats by being an officer within this organization, but it gives us a taste of what to expect in the industry.”

Kathryn Anderson, e-board member of The Society of Scholars at Oakland University and small group leader for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, gave her input on why it is important for students to join an organization on campus.

“I truly think it is a valuable experience for students to be involved in a club on campus,” Anderson said. “Especially on a predominantly commuter campus like Oakland, clubs are a great way to meet new people, feel connected to the community and campus, and to pursue important interests.”

Because of the large variety of organizations on campus, students are better able to locate an organization that suits their interests. This can create a stronger sense of community and connection for students.

“Students who feel more connected to their campus and have a support system built here are often more likely to finish their degree and perform well in classes,” Anderson said. “Clubs help me prioritize my time.”

To find out more about joining a club visit or GrizzOrgs.