What can OU do for yOU series: WXOU

Awarded in 2012, 2013 and 2014 for being the best Michigan College Radio Station by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, WXOU is a creative space where students can have their voices and music heard.

“I always felt proud to be a part of the station,” Lauren Barthold, general manager of WXOU, said. “That was the first time people all across the state actually recognized the hard work we do every day.”

Barthold has been working for WXOU since 2012. Before being hired as general manager in May 2014, Barthold started as an overnight DJ and was hired as the news director in May 2013.

WXOU sets itself apart because it is a free-form station. This means that there are no strict format guidelines like other college stations.

“I like the different shows by the students especially when they have guests,” Kayla R. Jones, psychology major, said. “The students seem so outgoing and comfortable speaking.”

Some students mentioned they knew OU had its own radio station but admitted to not knowing much beyond that.

“I have listened to WXOU in the past,” Drake Dawson, social work major, said. “But sometimes, I forget we have our own station here at OU and end up listening to 95.5 instead.”

WXOU’s slogan is “the sound track of Oakland University.” The free-form style opens up opportunities for a diverse range of music and conversation.  

“Every hour has the potential to be different,” Barthold said. “Every DJ can play whatever music they want and talk about topics they choose”.

Students can submit comments and suggestions to WXOU at wxou.org. For those students interested in having their music aired, the station also accepts music by vinyl, CD or digital music submissions.

The station transmits in FM and is available in the surrounding areas like Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills and Lake Orion.  People are also able to tune in online and listen from around the world.

“WXOU is a more than a station, but a community,” Barthold said. “It is for the students by the students.  Something that I think is incredibly necessary at every college campus and appreciated here at OU.”

Currently the station is promoting the Student Program Board’s spring concert featuring Andy Grammer with special guest Oh Honey and Coin which takes place on April 15, 2016.

WXOU’s current promotions can be found at wxou.org/category/promotions.

For more information visit wxou.org or call 248-370-4273.