Album Spotlight 3/15/16

Anthony Spak

#7: Yuck – “Stranger Things”

In 2011, Yuck released their self-titled debut to critical acclaim and was at the forefront of a 90’s indie rock revival. Inspired by the droning and fuzzy guitar sounds by bands of the era like My Bloody Valentine and the Pixies, Yuck tapped into a timeless sound that many were feeling nostalgic for twenty years after.

Five years later, the revival of this 90’s-inspired sound is more prevalent. Yuck is no longer the only contemporary band writing songs that sound like Dinosaur Jr. The band is also without former singer/guitarist Daniel Blumberg, who led the band to popularity on their debut.

With these two points in mind, its easy to dismiss Yuck as a band of has-beens. But on their third album, “Stranger Things,” the remaining members prove that they can still write quality songs and shred like its 1991. The opening tracks, “Hold Me Closer” and “Cannonball,” finds the band at their catchiest. “Yr Face,” the closing track, is a pleasant surprise with its gummy lead guitar line, prompting even the most rigid listeners to bob their heads slowly in time. Much like “Rubber” from Yuck’s debut album, “Yr Face” is a pleasing long burner that ends the album on a cathartic moment of fuzz and drone.  

Recommended if you like: Dinosaur Jr, 90’s Nickelodeon cartoons, My Bloody Valentine.

Start with: “Hold Me Closer,” “Cannonball,” “Yr Face.”