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The President’s Report: Sept. 28, 2016

Zack Thomas, Student Body President

September 27, 2016

Hello, my fellow OU students! Thank you for joining me for this September edition of the President's Report. Since the last time, a couple of important points have come up for your Oakland University Student Congress to...

A better yOU: Goodbye, OUSC

Katie Rose

April 11, 2016

Oh, where to start. It has been a great year as the Oakland University Student Congress Environmental, Health, and Wellness Director.  Since my time in Student Congress has come to end, I am going to share with you all the environ...

The world came to OU at International Night

Amy Swanson

April 3, 2016

Student Congress held their International Night event the night of April 1.It was at 6 p.m. in the OC. As it was the Globe Edition, attendees could experience many aspects of different cultures around the world.Student Congress...

OUSC presidential debate last event before voting

Grace Turner, life editor

March 13, 2016

Candidates presented their visions for a better OU at the Oakland University Student Congress presidential debate.Tim Brown and Zack Thomas both tried to convince an audience in Banquet Room A that they have what it takes to be t...

The real weight of a 4.0

Shelby Tankersley, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2016

The almighty 4.0: glorious and virtually unattainable. Student Congress has been working to make it easier to attain, causing dedicated students all over OU to breathe a sigh of relief. Certainly flawless grades will make life...

Survivors of sexual assault start to see justice

Shelby Tankersley

January 18, 2016

Nearly 200 cases of sexual assault that were mishandled are being investigated across the country by the Department of Education. 68 of those cases took place at K-12 schools. Five of the incidents took place at colleges and ...

Hanna, Jibran sworn into office


April 12, 2013

New Student Body President Brandon Hanna was sworn into Oakland University Student Congress April 8, alongside his running mate Jibran Ahmed and their new executive board. The executive board is now made up of Student Activities Funding Board Chair Phillip Johnson, a sophomore and economics major. The current Student Program Board Chair is Kalik Jones, a sophomore who is also the current Marketing Director for Student Video Productions. Retaining her role as Legislative Affairs Director from the previous administration is Michelle Alwardt, a senior majoring in political science. Kathleen Peterson, a junior, will now serve as Multicultural Affairs Director. The role of Financial Affairs Director will be filled by Katrina Stencel, a sophomore majoring in finance. Ashley Monnticcinlo, a sophomore double majoring in international affairs and criminal justice, will serve as Student Services Director. Maria Arellano, a junior majoring in graphic design, will serve as Visual Communications Director. Tim Brown, a sophomore majoring in vocal performance, will serve as Marketing Director. Finally, the position of Administrative Assistant will go to Alexandra Jones, a junior majoring in health science. The meeting ended with Hanna’s first report to his new board and legislators. In it he discusses his high hopes for the upcoming year and his confidence in his new executives. “When choosing our board, we look for people who were going to go above and beyond the call of duty,” Hanna said. “I have confidence in these people.” Ahmed also gave some words of encouragement to his new e-board and legislators. “I am proud to be serving such a great and talented crowd of people,” Ahmed said. “I am confident that they will take OUSC up top, to the next level.”

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