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‘Love Lies Bleeding:’ A bloody love story for the ages

Moe Del Rosario, Arts Reporter March 20, 2024

Sapphics everywhere are rejoicing with the influx of films hitting theaters featuring woman-loving-woman characters. With the recent release of crime-comedy film “Drive-Away Dolls,” a crime-thriller...

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‘Drive-Away Dolls:’ A wild ride for sapphics

Moe Del Rosario, Arts Reporter March 13, 2024

Fans of the Coen brothers might know Ethan Coen from some of his hit films such as “No Country for Old Men,” “Fargo” or even “The Big Lebowski.” With a track record of films that mix well-known...

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‘Upgraded:’ Use those nepo connections this Valentine’s Day!

Olivia Chiappelli, Arts Editor February 14, 2024

When thinking about what to write about for our Valentine’s Day issue, I obviously knew that I had to write about a rom-com, it was only right. However, when I initially started searching for new...

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‘Mean Girls:’ The spectacle that overshadowed the film

Moe Del Rosario, Arts Reporter February 7, 2024

Buzz surrounded the much talked about revamped “Mean Girls” movie musical after its release on Friday, Jan. 12 — both positive and negative.  Released exactly 20 years after the original movie...

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‘The Boy and the Heron:’ Another stunning display of art by Hayao Miyazaki

Moe Del Rosario, Arts Reporter January 31, 2024

Studio Ghibli is known for its beautiful films with deep meanings and lovable characters. “The Boy and the Heron” follows that same recipe and delivers another tale that can capture any audience member,...

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‘Anyone But You’ is not the return of the rom-com

Olivia Chiappelli, Arts Editor January 17, 2024

Every time a new rom-com is released, it is immediately somehow labeled “the return of the rom-com,” and I need to object. Trust me, we are all well aware of the downfall of the rom-com genre from...

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‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes:’ The history of Snow

Moe Del Rosario, Arts Reporter December 13, 2023

11 years after the release of the first film in the series, a prequel to 2012’s “The Hunger Games” has been released. Based on a book by the same name written by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games:...

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‘The Marvels:’ Higher, further and faster

Moe Del Rosario, Arts Reporter December 6, 2023

The big question everyone asks when a new Marvel movie releases is: Is the golden age of superhero movies over? The consensus is that yes, after “Avengers: Endgame,” it ended. There is truth to...

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‘Priscilla:’ Sofia Coppola’s newest tale of girlhood

Olivia Chiappelli, Arts Editor November 22, 2023

After the summer of Elvis in 2022, it only feels right it is Priscilla’s turn. I wrote a story last year called "Yeah, Sofia Coppola cast Jacob Elordi as Elvis" when it was announced Sofia Coppola...

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‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ film review

Noah Francis, Features Editor November 1, 2023

“Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF)" is a survival horror game series created by Scott Cawthon. The FNAF survival horror games involve resource management and are filled to the brim with jump scares. However,...

Love at First Sight:’ The return of the good rom-com

‘Love at First Sight:’ The return of the good rom-com

Olivia Chiappelli, Arts Editor October 4, 2023

“When in doubt, watch a rom-com” is what I always say, and this time was no different. I love a good Friday night release, so imagine my absolute joy when I saw Netflix was gifting me with my assuredly...

Bottoms: A refreshingly absurd comedy for queer girls

‘Bottoms:’ A refreshingly absurd comedy for queer girls

Olivia Chiappelli, Arts Editor September 13, 2023

As someone who voraciously consumes any product of the Rachel Sennott universe, “Bottoms” was one of my most anticipated films of the year.  Directed by Emma Seligman and co-written by Sennott,...

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