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Gaza solidarity encampments spread across the US

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor May 1, 2024

As Israel-Hamas tensions grow, college students all around the U.S. are taking action and protesting on campus. Many have likened the protests to the Vietnam protests – both protests advocating large-scale...

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War on the horizon: Iran strikes Israel

Nicholas Kablak, Political Reporter April 24, 2024

Iran has recently launched hundreds of drones and missiles into Israeli territory after Israel bombed Iran's embassy in Damascus, Syria. This turn of events marks a turning point in the feud between Iran...

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The U.N. Security Council passes a Gaza ceasefire resolution

Nicholas Kablak, Political Reporter April 3, 2024

With the war in Gaza raging on, the U.N. Security Council voted for a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, and for all hostages to be released. The resolution calls into question the moral implications...

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South Africa takes Israel to court

Mallory Waligora and Noah Thomason January 31, 2024

In the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, a record accusation has been filed. On Jan 11. South Africa brought Israel to the International Court of Justice and asked the court to rule...

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The influence of Starbucks on corporate politics

Mallory Waligora, Political Editor December 13, 2023

The choices we make as consumers often stretch beyond the aisles of department stores and extend into the realm of corporate politics. As shoppers search for the perfect gift this holiday season, the consequences...

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Bombs drop just hours after Israel-Hamas cease-fire ends

Noah Thomason, Political Reporter December 6, 2023

After an all too brief weeklong cease-fire in Gaza, the conflict resumed on Friday, Dec. 1. The cease-fire was extended from four days to a week after tireless negotiations to keep it extended. The...

Letter to the editor: Gaza: A Bird’s Eye View

Letter to the editor: Gaza: A Bird’s Eye View

Robert Anderson, Contributor November 10, 2023

Watching the horrifying scenes from Gaza over the past month—and listening to the public discourse that has grown up in response to it—has made me think of apeirogons, and Apeirogon. An “apeirogon”...

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The problem of antisemitism and islamophobia

Noah Thomason, Political Reporter November 8, 2023

The Israel/Gaza conflict has resulted in a significant rise in hate crimes globally against both Jewish and Muslim people. Recently, there was a mob of people at the Makhachkala Uytash Airport in Dagestan,...

Letter from the Editor: A statement on the recent terrorist attacks in Israel

Letter from the Editor: A statement on the recent terrorist attacks in Israel

Arianna Heyman, Editor-in-Chief October 18, 2023

As the current tragedy in the Middle East unfolds, I have been struggling to translate my feelings into words. Quite ironic for a writer, but the horror we all have witnessed is hard to recount.  Of...

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Zelenskyy meets with world defense leaders as questions around Ukraine support rise

Noah Thomason, Political Reporter October 18, 2023

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with 50 defense leaders from nations around the globe to discuss continued support for Ukraine in its war with Russia.  This meeting...

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Israel-Palestine conflict and understanding the source of tragedy

Noah Thomason, Political Reporter October 18, 2023

On Saturday, Oct. 7, members of the militant group Hamas that governs the Gaza Strip sitting on the Mediterranean Sea attacked multiple Israeli border checkpoints, southern towns and a music festival,...

Former U.S. ambassadors David Fischer and John Rakolta Jr. visited OU on March 29 for a discussion about the Abraham Accords.

Former U.S. Ambassadors visit OU to discuss Abraham Accords

Arianna Heyman, Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2022

On Tuesday, March 29, David Fischer, former U.S. ambassador to Morocco, and John Rakolta Jr., former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), visited Oakland University for a discussion on the historic...

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